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Classification of Clothing Accessories

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Common sense of sewing machine


It is understood that sewing machines are mainly divided into household sewing machines and industrial sewing machines. The general sewing machine is composed of four parts: machine head, machine base, transmission and accessories. Accessories for sewing machines include needles, bobbins, screwdrivers, oil pots, etc. The function of the sewing machine is an automatic mechanical device that connects the fabrics together by sewing.


This following mainly introduces the classification of clothing accessories.


sewing machines



Lining is the material used in clothing clips, mainly polyester taffeta, nylon silk, flannel, various types of cotton cloth and polyester cotton cloth. It is commonly used lining silk materials are 170T, 190T, 210T, 230T polyester taffeta, nylon taffeta and rayon silk. The flannel has single-faced fleece, double-faced fleece, warp-knitted fleece, etc. It is generally measured in grams. The common fleece material has a grammage of 120g / m2 ~ 260g / m2; the commonly used pocket fabric is T / C65 / 3545 × 45 / 96 × 72, 45 × 45/133 × 72 and other varieties.


The main test indicators of the lining are shrinkage and color fastness. For clothing products containing velvet filling materials, the lining should be fine or coated fabrics to prevent depilation. At present, the most used amount is lining silk with chemical fiber as the main material.


Shirt fabric


Shirt fabric includes two kinds of interlining and padding. The interlining is mainly used for clothing collars, cuffs, pockets, skirt waist, hem and suit chest, etc. It generally contains hot melt adhesive coating, usually called adhesive interlining. According to the different base fabrics, the adhesive lining is divided into woven lining and non-woven lining. Woven backing fabrics are woven or knitted fabrics, and non-woven backing fabrics are made of chemical fibers. The quality of the adhesive interlining is directly related to the quality of the garment.


Therefore, when buying adhesive interlining, you not only need to consider the appearance, but also to check whether the performance of the interlining parameter is consistent with the quality requirements of the garment. For example, the heat shrinkage of the interlining should be as consistent as possible with the fabric; it must have good seamability and cutability; it should be able to firmly adhere to the fabric at a lower temperature; the front of the fabric should be prevented from seepage after hot pressing ; adhesion is firm and durable, anti-aging and washing. The padding includes shoulder pads for breasts, chest pads, and hip pads for bottoms, etc. The texture is thick and soft, and generally not glued.

sewing machines 



Garment padding is a material placed between the fabric and the lining to keep warm. According to the form of the filling, it can be divided into two types: flocking and wood.


① Flocking: It is a loose filler with no fixed shape. When ready-to-wear, you must attach linings (some need to be lined with gallbladder), and go through machine acceptance or hand quilting. The main varieties are cotton, silk wool, camel hair and down, which are used to keep warm and insulate.


Wood: It is a kind of thermal insulation filler made of synthetic fibers or other synthetic materials. The varieties include chloroprene, polyester, acrylic cotton, hollow cotton and smooth plastic. Its advantages are uniform thickness, easy processing, neat shape, anti-mildew and insect-free, easy to wash.


Line material


Mainly refers to the thread materials such as sewing thread and various thread rope materials. Sewing thread plays the role of sewing pieces and connecting various parts in clothing, and can also play a certain role in decoration and beautification. Whether it is a bright thread or a dark thread, it is an integral part of the overall style of clothing. The most commonly used sewing threads are 60s / 3 and 40s / 2 polyester threads, and the most commonly used embroidery threads are rayon and silk threads.


Button material


Button materials mainly play the role of connection, combination and decoration in clothing. It includes buttons, zippers, hooks, loops and nylon snap fasteners.


Decoration materials


There are many kinds of laces, and they are also indispensable components of decorative materials. Lace includes woven lace and handmade lace. Woven lace is divided into three categories: woven lace, embroidery lace and woven lace; handmade lace includes cloth lace, yarn lace and knitted lace.


For more classification information of clothing accessories, please communicate with me.

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