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Clothing Accessories Trend

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Clothing accessories are various, but generally can be divided into the following 7 categories: lining, garment interlining, packing, wire and tape materials, fastening materials, decoration materials, label material.


Forecast of fall and winter trend in 2020/21 concentrates on flanging & decorative accessories design, combining retro and modern design styles, combining sports concepts and fashion trends, with clever use of natural cracks and other textures and color block stitching techniques.


At the same time, the emerging accessories materials (such as resin, rubber, etc.) have more clothing characteristics. Superb embroidery and metal texture increase the modern design sense and future expression. The design of the camouflage pattern provides a reference for outdoor elements.


Clothing accessories 

Metallic texture

Metal accessories partially lighten the design effect of clothing items. Smooth and shiny metal enhances the sense of technology and future elements. The metal surface is twisted, shaped and tempered to form accessories with different shapes.


Often used in jackets, coats and accessories.



Embellished with gold

The luxury brought by gold is combined with the calmness of royal blue, which turns out to be bold and restrained. Blue is commonly used as the background color. Gold contrasts with it. The freely changing form increases the plasticity of the accessories, which brings inspiration to resin buttons and soft ribbons.


Used in jackets, coats or accessories.



Art coil

The manual knitting and embroidery process increase the handicraft texture of the overall shape. Different knitting effects form different sensory visions. The pattern knitting method increases the overall interest and decoration of the clothing, which is used in the part of the  clothing to increase the handicraft texture.


Used in tops , soft ornaments and accessories.



Plant pattern

When we were children, we like to put flowers in books to make bookmarks. The faded plant textures are translucent and have distinct patterns. This exquisite decoration creates a romantic vision through fabrics, intarsia and embroidery.


Commonly used in tops, soft ornaments, accessories, etc.



Old traces

Clothing accessories


Under the prediction of the natural theme, inspired by the old cracked stones, the accessories are given a certain natural texture. The crack sense creates a gloomy visual experience, and adds an old visual sense to the buttons and cords, which is full of impact.


Used in accessories, tops and ornaments.



Contrasting Colors

The mature color matching with contrasting colors is a part of the clothing to increase the vitality. The combination of stripes and color blocks creates a retro contrast sports style. The overall combination makes the clothing more youthful, and the contrast texture forms a woven effect, which is full of modernity.


Used in accessories, jackets, sweaters, etc.



Sculpture style folds

The sculptural folds form a regular fold effect, the regular pleats in the accessories express a soft texture, the buttons are etched with stripes to create a colorful coating, which brings a delicate texture change, and the tulle fabric and hand-pleated woven effect are inspired by natural fold shapes to express a more liberal concept.


Used in tops, single garments, and accessories.



Opaque flowers

The hand-made flower effect formed by embroidery, weaving, etc. adds delicate details and luxury to the clothing. The design of the button is more interesting. It is expressed in digital printing, or use the embossed effect of flowers, and the three-dimensional expression is more novel.

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