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Dry Cleaning Precautions Of These Ten Types Of Buttons!

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Most of our clothes will have craft children buttons, fashion snap fasteners, hook and loop fasteners, or sew-on buttons and sew-on snap fasteners. Dry-cleaning clothes not only consider whether the fabric of the clothes is suitable for dry cleaning, but also pay attention to the state of the button resistant to dissolving and washing ,how should we handle such buttons when dry-cleaning clothes?


An excellent dry-cleaning master will carefully examine the entire clothing, including accessories and buttons: first check the type of buttons, and different types of buttons have different dry cleaning quality problems. The following are the ten types of buttons.Be sure to remove it before dry cleaning, or take professional protective measures to avoid accidents of washing accessories after washing.


craft children buttons

1. Plastic buckle. Plastic buttons are brittle, and are not resistant to high temperatures and solvents; these buttons will melt away in dry cleaning solvents.


2. Multi-layer adhesive buckle. For example, the current court uniform buckle is double-layer adhesive, the upper layer is a soft rubber court sign, and the lower layer is metal. It is easy to separate them during the washing process.


3. Paint buckle. Paint buckle is to spray a thin layer of paint on the top of the button. The dry cleaning agent melts the surface layer of paint in the dry cleaning process, causing the button to change to another color after washing.


4. Switch buckle. These buttons are generally used in high-grade fur or wool coats. These buttons are like a switch. They are fixed in the upward direction when pulled up, and fixed in a downward direction when pressed down, similar to a switch. The main thing is that it is easy to rub into the honeycomb hole of the drum to cause breakage during the washing process. It needs to be protected before washing!


5. Wood buttons and bamboo buttons. These two kinds of buttons belong to the buttons processed by plant stems. On the one hand, they can be dry-cleaned together with clothing, but they are absorbent, and may crack and deform when they are dried again. Wooden buckle, this kind of buckle is easy to fade when washed, because it is made of wood, it will be worn away under the action of a certain friction.


6. Drill surface buckle. This kind of buckle will wash the surface of the drill when it is washed. In one case, this kind of buckle is easily cracked and brittle in the drum. Wrapped in tin foil or washed after disassembly.


7. Cloth buckle.This type of button is generally cloth-wrapped aluminum, and the other is cloth-wrapped plastic. The former type is prone to loose buttons when washing.In the latter case, the plastic inside is melted by the dry cleaner and oozes out during washing.


craft children buttons

8. Mosaic buckle. In order to be beautiful, the surface of the inlay type buckle adopts border metal, decals, painting, etc. This type of buckle is easy to wash the inlay when washing. Such buttons are easy to decolorize after being washed at high temperature or broken in the washing machine or collided due to collision, scratching and degumming.


9. Leather buckle. This kind of buckle is easy to fade or break when washing. Do not use ironing, do not immerse in organic solvents, and do not stir in the washing machine for a long time to wash. When washing, it is best to wrap it with an absorbent cloth and dry-clean it.



10. Shell buttons. The material is brittle, easy to break when impacted, not resistant to hydrogen peroxide, and easily decomposed when it is acidic. Regardless of dry cleaning or washing, it should be safest to wash after disassembly!



Precautions for dry cleaning of different types of buttons above, have you got it?  Follow us to learn more about sewing tools. You can buy hooks and eyes, embroidery hoop, embroidery box, punch needle, embroidery thread, embroidery needles, tailor tape, embroidery thread, etc. on our website.

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