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How To Make a Sachet

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Sachets are also known as flower bags, also called pouches. It is wrapped with five-color silk thread, and various patterns are embroidered on the sachet, and they are sewn into different sizes and shapes. There are also a variety of strong scent Chinese herbs in the sachet. Which have the function of meditation and tranquility. Today let us learn how to make a beautiful sachet.

Material preparation

Scissors, cutting tools, Chinese knots, hemming tape, hand needles, threads, tailor chalk, cotton, fringes, safety pins, spices, small jewelry pendants. When preparing materials for making sachets, it is best to use fabrics with more gorgeous colors and patterns, because the sachets made in this material are more beautiful.

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Steps for making sachet

Step 1

Cut the fabric to the size that you want to make a sachet, cut out two pieces of fabric, and then cut the hemming tape out of the sachet. The cloth is pinned together with a head pin to avoid running while sewing. When the gauze and fabric are prepared, then start to sew them together with needles.

Step 2

When they are sewn, using pins to separate the two layers of cloth and be sure to apply the entire piece of the fabric to avoid different sizes when cutting the cloth behind. When the fabric is pinned with a head pin, draw a U shape by the tailor chalk and cut the shape along its side. After cutting, place a U-shaped cardboard inside the cloth and fold the fabric side in. Make sure the cropped two pieces cloth are the same fabric, because the front and back of the sachet are the same.

Step 3

After cutting, we start to sew the fabric together with a hand needle. Cropped two pieces fabric with the inside facing inward, then fold it with a head pin. After finishing, we will use the same color embroidery thread to sew and when finished sewing, turn it over.

Step 4

When the whole sachet is made, we are going to make the mouth of the sachet. At this time, fold the sewn sachet in half with the suture. After the fold is done, using a pin to pin it, then use the sewing thread in the opening section and sew on each side.

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Step 5

When the drawstring is ready, put the pre-prepared spices in the bag and tighten the mouth. A beautiful sachet is ready.

Among the folk, sachets account for a considerable proportion. The sachets contain medicines such as vanilla. The "five poisons" embroidered on the surface of the sachets are scorpions, snakes, centipedes, geckos and toads. In order to prevent various poisonous insects from rampant and infringing on the human body, the festival items of the Dragon Boat Festival in May are given to each other as gifts to hang on the clothes or tents to avoid the "five poisons". In terms of shape, there are tiger-shaped, chicken-shaped, Ruyi-shaped, Shoutao-shaped, and braided-shaped ones, in order to get luck from Fu, Lu, Shou, Xi, Jixiang, Ruyi, etc. Embroidered sachets rich in profound national psychological foundations show strong vitality in folk culture.


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