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Knowledge of Garment Labels

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The original intention of the garment label was to prevent people from confusing clothing of this brand with that of other brands when purchasing clothing. Now, with the garment accessories supplier attaching importance to clothing culture, garment labels are no longer just for the sake of distinction, but to spread the cultural connotation of the enterprise to people.



Types of Garment Labels

1. Trademark

The production process of trademark is similar to that of ribbon, which is made of yarn, mainly black or white. Patterns and characters are made of weft. If there are other special requirements to dye the warp yarn into other colors, it is called dye warp trademark. Most of them are used for collars and other decorations. The trademark classification method is very special and simple, mainly according to the different printing machines and production processes. It is mainly divided into the following categories. 

(1) West Germany Machine Trademark

Features: The trademark warp is similar to a piece of cloth. And the cutting method is called the edge trimmer. It can be divided into two categories, flat and satin trademarks.


(2)Wooden Shuttle Machine Trademark

Features: The trademark is a complete woven label after weaving it from the machine, so the edges are covered, and the weft yarns are exactly the same from beginning to end, with the same color and style, which is particularly delicate and soft to the touch. However, there are several disadvantages, such as low production efficiency, and the use of colors is limited to five or less.



(3)Crochet Machine Trademark

It is similar to the trademark of the wooden shuttle machine, but there is a big difference between the two, the weft is mostly tight and strong. It is often used as a hot color mark, which uses different characteristics of warp and weft yarns to make the bottom plate color after high temperature transfer. Trademark costs are high.


2. Hang tag

Its function is mainly to narrate the characteristics of the brand and the components of clothing. The common hang tag is offset printed paper products. The screen printing of plastic products is rarely used. The principle of offset printing is quite simple. The quality is absolutely determined by the quality of the machine. The paper processing is more flexible and can be processed according to the designer's preference.


3. Rubber Chapter

Rubber chapters are produced through carving, high-temperature shaping and other processes. The product features flexible expressions and rich three-dimensional effects. Most of them are used for chest labels and other decorations.


4. PVC Chapter

PVC chapter uses the rich plasticity of artificial leather and various plastics, plus screen printing and high-frequency hot pressing and other processes to obtain soft and flexible shapes of various materials.


5. Reflective Badges and Reflective Materials

Reflective materials use reflective lattice reflective paint to enhance the reflection effect of light. Under strong light or night vision conditions, it can make the markers stand out and make it easier for people to distinguish things at night.



6. Three-dimensional Chapter

It is a kind of reflective lattice three-dimensional pattern, which needs to be printed eight times by special printing machine, and the production process is complex.


7. Hanging Particles

Most of them are used for high-quality suits and fashion.


8. Webbing

There are Taiwan wooden shuttle weaving belt, reflective weaving belt, nylon, cotton herringbone belt, etc.



To a large extent, garment accessories have become an expression of intangible assets, which is the essence of a brand's culture. Whether a brand's reputation is famous or not determines the consumer's choice of clothing at any time, so the development of the logo has become a guarantee for the sustainable development of an enterprise today. More and more companies are increasing their investment in logos, the purpose is to build the brand "aircraft carrier", build the "cultural great wall" of the enterprise, and also become the spiritual link between the enterprise and the consumer. Especially in today's fierce market competition environment, a company's successful brand strategy will be the uncrowned king of victory.

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