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Purchase and Usage of Household Steam Iron

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Electric irons are a kind of household appliances that can make crumpled clothes flat and increase the appreciability of clothes. There are many types of electric irons in the market. Today we mainly introduce the purchase and usage of electric irons.

The types of electric irons are different, and the applications are also different. We can choose different electric irons according to our needs.



1. Types of Electric Irons

1) Ordinary Type

Ordinary electric irons have the simplest structure among various electric irons. It has a relatively heavy weight, large thermal inertia, no temperature adjustment device, and heats up when it is powered on. The price is cheaper.


2) Temperature-adjustable Type

The temperature-adjustable electric iron makes up for the deficiencies of the ordinary type. On the basis of the ordinary type, a temperature adjustment switch and an indicator light are added. The temperature control range is 60-230 ℃. It has the characteristics of light weight, thin bottom plate, fast temperature rise and cooling, small thermal inertia, easy to use, and so on. This electric iron is equipped with a bimetal temperature control switch, which automatically cuts off the power when the specified temperature is reached. The temperature control knob is marked with the names of various ironed fabrics. When the knob stops pointing at a certain fabric name, the iron controls the temperature within the appropriate range for ironing the fabric, and it can meet the ironing requirements of various fiber fabrics such as nylon, synthetic fibers, silk, wool, cotton, and hemp.


mini iron

3) Steam Type

In addition to the function of the automatic temperature-adjustable electric iron, the steam type electric iron can also spray steam and humidify the clothes to improve the ironing effect. The electric iron cavity can be filled with clean water. There are several small holes in the bottom plate, when you press the button when using the iron, steam will be ejected from the small holes, using the heat and moisture of the steam to enhance the ironing effect.

4) Spray Type

In addition to the air jet on the soleplate, this type of iron has a spray hole in front of the handle that can spray mist water. Thick clothes or clothes that require a large amount of water during ironing can be fully moistened, making ironing more convenient.


5) Mini Iron

Mini irons are also called travel irons, small irons, and DIY irons. They are exquisite and compact irons for travel. They usually use PTC heating elements, with a size of less than 12 cm and a weight of less than 0.50 kg. The size is generally small and exquisite, easy to carry.

6) Other Types

In addition, there are eddy current irons, far-infrared irons, etc. Eddy current electric iron can control the time and temperature of the iron. The far-infrared electric iron can automatically cut off the electricity, preventing the clothes from being Burnt due to carelessness, and it will be off after being placed for ten minutes.



2. Tips for Using Electric Irons

Today we will focus on the use of household mini steam irons

The first time you use the mini clothes iron, you should first carefully read the instruction manual of the electric iron. The instructions on the manual are more detailed, enough for you to understand. Foreign electric irons have voltage requirements , pay attention to see if the voltage of the mini steam iron matches.


After reading the manual, when you start using the mini steam iron, you should first ground the yellow and green wires in the core wire of the electric iron. The purpose of this is to prevent the occurrence of electric leakage, causing an electric shock hazard and harming human health.

mini iron

Plug in the power supply, turn off the steam button first, and then stand the small mini iron upright to add water to the measuring cup. The volume of the iron water reservoir determines how much water is added. If you want to better maintain the mini steam iron, it is best to add boiling water after cooling to soften the water to prevent scale formation. If the electric iron is equipped with glass water level, the water level in the water reservoir can be observed, and water can be added as needed.


The mini steam iron can dry-iron the fabric, but it is necessary to accurately determine the type of fabric to be ironed, and then adjust the temperature control knob to reach the most suitable bottom plate temperature. You should also need to choose an cloth ironing mat, then you can start ironing the fabric. After ironing, turn the steam knob to the 0 position.

After the ironing is completed, turn off the button, and drain off all the residual water in the iron, and then adjust the temperature knob to the highest level of energized heating, wait for the internal moisture to evaporate, then turn off the power, and adjust the temperature knob returning to the lowest gear. After the iron cools, pack it in a dry place.

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