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Sewing Tools- The Basis Tools of Garment Sewing

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When sewing garments, many tools will be used. Whether these tools are used correctly and skillfully, it is related to the quality and efficiency of the sewing process. Let's take a look at the sewing tools.



1. Rulers

The ruler is often used for drawing and measuring. There are four types of rulers commonly used in clothing production.


1) Straightedge, used to draw straight lines and measure the size.


2) Yardstick, used for the seam of the model, and it can also be used to draw a straight line when drawing.

3) Curved ruler, used for drawing arc parts such as sleeves, collars and trousers.


4) Measuring tape, used to measure the size of each part of the body, the length of the arc in the paper pattern, and the size of each part of the garment.


sewing tools 

2. Scissors

There are the three types of scissors commonly used in clothing production.


1) Tailor scissor, used for cutting fabrics and paper patterns. It is best to separate the fabric and paper-cutting scissors. There are 12 #, 11 #, 10 #, 9 # cutting scissors.


2) Rotary cutters, used to prevent the edge of the material from falling off.


3) Stitch rippers, used to cut the thread during the sewing process or to cut off the thread on the garment after sewing.



3. Needles

There are three types of needles commonly used in clothing production.


1) Sewing machine needles, divided into industrial sewing machine needles and household sewing machine needles.


2) Hand sewing needles, also called hand needles, which are used for hand sewing.


3) Head pin, used for temporary positioning during sewing. It is advisable to use thin and long needles.



4. Sewing Threads

Sewing thread is the basic material for sewing. There are two kinds of commonly used sewing threads: one is small, cylindrical, suitable for sewing a single piece of clothing on a household sewing machine. The other is larger, cone-shaped, suitable for clothing on industrial sewing machines. From the material points, sewing threads include polyester thread, polyester cotton thread, silk thread and so on.



5. Bobbin case, bobbin

The bobbin case and bobbin are accessories of the sewing machine.


sewing tools


6. Presser Foot

The presser foot is also an accessory of the sewing machine. There are many types of presser foot. From the point of function, there are ordinary flat presser foot (the original part on the sewing machine) and other special presser foot. According to the need to configure appropriate special presser foot, it can effectively improve the sewing efficiency and sewing quality.



7. Other Sewing Auxiliary Tools

1) Needle insertion: used to insert hand sewing needles and bead needles (head pins), which is easy to access. It is filled with cotton or acrylic cotton and is covered with a layer of cotton cloth.


2) Tailor chalk: used to mark the line on the fabric. Make fine lines. When drawing wrong, you can pat lightly to remove the powder line. If it is used on light-colored fabrics, it is advisable to choose a powder that is similar to the fabric.


3) Tweezers: used for turning out some sharp and right-angled parts in clothing, such as collar angle, hem angle, sleeve cuff and other parts. It can also be used to push the upper layer of material with tweezers during sewing. Tweezers can also be used to remove thread. Curved tweezers can be used to remove thread nails and thread ends.


4) Pointer: mainly used to copy the model.


5) Screwdriver: there are big and small screwdrivers. The large screwdriver is used for disassembling the presser foot and doing simple machine screw adjustment. A small screwdriver is used to adjust the screw on the bobbin case or the shuttle skin. It plays a role in adjusting the tension of the bobbin thread. It can also be used to install and change needles.


6) Mannequins: there are male mannequins and female mannequins, according to the size of the bust, the commonly used female mannequins in China are 80,84,88, and the male mannequins are 88,92,96. They are used in the production process of garments or ready-made samples.

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