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The 127th Canton Fair

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The Ministry of Commerce of PRC has decided that the 127th Canton Fair is to be held online from June 15 to 24, 2020.

During the Canton Fair, our company's schedule is as follows, we look forward to your visit.

6.15 Indoor fun kit

What's the best selling Amazon Cross stich indoor fun kit?

6.15 /6.17 Promotion items

TOP30 best selling handycraft promotion items 2020-2021 trend

6.18 Sewing basket

Where can I get private designed basket with only 100pcs MOQ?

6.19 Sewing kit

Hot selling sewing kits stared from USD0.1

6.20 Factory tour

How the sewing products are produced in the largest sewing factory in China?

6.21 Classic range

How to open your own sewing & knitting shop by only USD200?

6.22 Knitting & Crochet

One stop solution for knitting and crochet items

6.23 Non-blister Package

How to upadate the haberdashery range by non-blister package?

6.24 Lottery

Lottery draw for all customers send inquiry during online fair

Canton Fair 2020

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