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The Meaning Of Luxury -Use Handmade Process To Explain Luxury

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For luxury goods, some people chase blindly and do not understand the real meaning. Luxury goods are actually not tools for showing wealth, but cultural deposits. A girl who sells her handmade fabric works on the Internet said: "For those who make money by handiwork, the handiwork of luxury goods is the most valuable." Indeed, in the luxury industry, in addition to the designer's ingenuity and selection, the emphasis on craftsmanship is also often emphasized. In a sense, the difference between true and false is also the time and energy contributed by craftsmen.


And what exactly is the meaning of "luxury". For many middle-income people, it is beyond the scope of their ability to purchase luxury goods generously. But it does not prevent us from knowing beauty. The most important meaning of luxury goods is to make us learn to change our vision and re-look at an item. Luxury goods have passed the test of time and are made with meticulous and precise craftsmanship.


Handmade Process

We don’t need to buy a lot of cheap and never-usable things. Giving up good books, only knowing how to read pictures and magazines. eating junk food, not enjoying a complete meal, living in a fast and unknowing environment, and knowing nothing about the world, having no sense of quality this is a terrible thing. Appreciating luxury goods is not a deliberate pretense, but a real experience of life. Although we do not advocate excessive pursuit of things, we cannot lose our enthusiasm for beauty and quality. After puberty, we should understand that excessive pursuit of things is contrived, there is no need to waste energy on it, and we must seize time to treat ourselves well. Regardless of whether the products are cheap or expensive, at least when they are purchased, they can be truly appreciated and used for a long time. Know how to own and give up, respect for material, which also means respecting for yourself, perhaps this is the meaning of luxury.



1. Chanel & Advanced Workshop

Chanel and the seven handicraft workshops that it acquired. On the one hand, Chanel relied on their ingenious craftsmanship to maintain its own exquisite design. On the other hand, in the face of the shrinking handicraft industry, Chanel also helped each other to make them sustain for generations. These 7 workshops not only provide services for Chanel, but also create beautiful and moving works for other high-end brands. Therefore, it can be regarded as Chanel's contribution to the world's clothing culture.

2. Hermes. It costs at least 6 hours to make a pair of gloves. 

Among the leather goods of Hermes, gloves may be the most inconspicuous one, but even if such a small thing, the requirements for craftsmen are not low. After an 18-month "apprenticeship period", they will do it for another three years before passing the exam to make a pair of gloves independently. A pair of gloves is completed from a piece of leather to the end. According to different materials, there will be about 22 processes, which will take about 6-8 hours. What the skilled craftsmen do is the most critical step, which is to cut the leather. The texture of the leather must be stretched first and then cut. "If this stretching treatment is done well, the gloves will not be deformed" Sounds troublesome? However, it is not impossible to use such gloves for 40 years.


Handmade Process


3. BURBERRY. Every detail has a magical effect.

BURBERRY's windbreaker is a real industry legend. Maybe you are already familiar with its style now, but do you know that every detail on the windbreaker has its military use? Burberry founder Thomas Burberry designed a windbreaker called "Tielocken" in 1914, which is also the prototype of its brand windbreaker. This trench coat was originally a British military clothing, so the details include metal D-rings, leather belt buckles and epaulettes, which have been used to this day: the epaulettes were used to fix binoculars and water bottles, the back rain cover is located above the entire back, this design can allow rain to fall from the back of the jacket. Until now, it still requires 100 dressmakers to perform 300 procedures and accept at least 26 strict independent inspections to make a windbreaker.



Hand making is definitely not an easy task. For example, if you learn to make clothes, you need not only superb manual skills, but also appropriate tools such as sewing basket, tailor scissor, hand needles, knitting bowl, stitch marker, hook and loop fastener etc.

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