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The use of elastic band

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The elastic band is made of various yarns as raw materials to make a tubular fabric. There are many kinds of elastic bands, which are widely used in various industries such as clothing, bags and so on. Do you know how many types can the elastic band be divided into, and what is its use?




Elastics first appeared in a hat factory in 1812. At that time, it was made of spring and steel wire frame. The real elastic band was invented by chemist Masen Tosh and inventor Hancock in 1820 in the experiment of extracting rubber concentration. Masen Tosh first used the characteristics of rubber, put rubber between two layers of fabric and invented waterproof tape. Hancock obtained the original patent for elastic belt in 1820. In 1876, the elastic belt was applied to women's underwear. A webbing article published in 1876 wrote "a number of new inventions can be seen in Paris, one of which is the elastic belt made of rubber. People use elastic belt instead of spiral copper wire for shoulder straps, gloves and women's corsets. It is very suitable and does not break clothes like wire springs."


Elastic band



Elastic band can be plain weave, heavy flat, twill, double layer, double warp and jacquard. The woven elastic band has a tight texture and a variety of varieties. And elastic band, as a clothing accessory, is especially suitable for underwear, pants, sweaters, sportswear, T-shirts, hats and other clothing series.




According to different weaving methods, it is divided into woven elastic band, knitted elastic band, and braided elastic band.

1. Woven Elastic Band

The woven elastic belt is made of cotton or chemical fiber as warp and weft yarn, and a group of rubber fibers (latex or spandex) are interwoven according to certain rules.


2. Knitted Elastic Band

The knitted elastic bands are woven using the warp knitting method.  Under the action of a hook needle or a tongue needle, the warp thread is sheathed into a braiding chain, and the weft thread is lined in each braiding chain to connect the scattered braiding chains into a belt. The rubber thread is covered by the braiding chain or clamped by two groups of weft threads. Knitted elastic belt can weave all kinds of small patterns, color strips and crescent edges. Most of the raw materials are nylon elastic silk, and most of the products are used for women's bras and underpants.


Elastic band

3. Braided Elastic Band

The braided elastic band is made of warp threads woven around a rubber wire in a "8" shaped track through a spindle. The belt pattern is herringbone, the bandwidth is generally 0.3 to 2 cm, and the texture is between woven and knitted elastic bands. The pattern and color are monotonous, which are mostly used for clothing.



In today's environment-friendly life, elastic bands tend to use non-toxic and harmless TPU as raw materials. An auxiliary high elasticity additive can also be added to the elastic band to enhance its elasticity.

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