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Types of Belt Buckles

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The belt buckle is a hardware accessory at the front end of the belt, which is used to decorate and fix the entire belt. In fact, there are quite a lot of belt buckles. Many people spend a lot of time when choosing them because they don’t know which belt buckle should be selected. In fact, each belt buckle has its own characteristics. Shop according to your needs. In this article, we will briefly introduce some belt buckles.



Types of Belt buckles

1. Belt buckle types can be divided into pin buckle belt, plate buckle belt, automatic buckle belt and clip buckle belt. Changes in belt trends are largely determined by hooks. The shape and size of the hook buckle also show the charm of the man, the pin buckle belt shows the man's fashion and masculinity, and the plate buckle shows the man's calmness. Pin buckles are divided into five categories, single pin buckle, double pin buckle, plate buckle, and automatic buckle. Single pin buckles are mainly black, maroon and brown, which is more suitable for formal wear, but it is also suitable for casual occasions. The double pin buckle belt is more casual. Unless the color is very dark, it is generally not recommended to match the double pin buckle belt with the formal dress. The plate buckle belts have a strong atmosphere of being rich, especially those plate buckles with gold, which have won the favor of middle-aged men.


2. The common materials of belt buckle are hardware and plastic. Hardware materials are divided into copper, iron, alloy, zinc alloy, aluminum and steel.


3. Automatic belt buckle. The metal part of the automatic belt buckle is zinc alloy galvanized. There are no holes in the automatic buckle belt. The gear is behind the belt, and the length is easy to adjust. Automatic buckle is convenient, but just like quartz watch and mechanical watch, automatic buckle is like a quartz watch in the belt world. The appearance is not as beautiful as other belts, and such belts have faster tooth surface loss. A belt can only be used for about 3 months. Compared with non-automatic belt, its life is much shorter.


belt buckle


What Kind of Belt buckle Is Good?

The surface of the belt buckle needs to be treated and polished. After forming the buckle, there are usually a lot of sharp edges and rough surfaces, so it is very important to polish it. At present, this process is almost manual operation, so the degree of fineness of polishing is greatly different.



Belt Material Introduction

The most commonly used material for belt buckles is zinc alloy, which is formed by melting the zinc alloy through an injection molding machine and casting with a mold, and then undergoing various post-polishing and plating processes. In addition to the zinc alloy, there are also some copper used as raw materials. Copper buckles can obtain better gloss and durability after post-processing, but the cost will be relatively higher. Secondly, the proportion of manufacturers who use stainless steel as raw material for belt buckles is also increasing. High-grade stainless steel has a very high-grade texture, but low-grade stainless steel has rough texture, and should not be used. High-grade stainless steel is very expensive, and it is difficult to process, so it is difficult to be universal. In addition, some use tin alloy or iron as raw materials, but because the texture is not good, the surface treatment is not ideal, and it is often used for low-grade products.



After introducing the kinds and materials of belt buckles, I hope you could select the suitable one for yourself. If you are interested, please click

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