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What Are the Categories of Clothing Accessories?

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Types of Support Materials

1. Introduction

Support materials include lining materials, fillers, padding materials, sewing thread materials, fastening materials, decoration materials, zippers, buttons, webbing, shoulder pads, lace interlining, lining materials, hangers, tags, ornaments, panel strips, tailor chalks, hooks, fur, trademarks, cords, fillers, plastic accessories, metal accessories, packaging bags, marking bar codes and other related materials.


All these accessories have an important impact on the internal and external quality of clothing. For example, lining and sewing thread mainly affect the internal quality of clothing, the firmness of clothing use, and certainly play a certain role in decoration. And padding, lace and so on are mainly used to decorate clothing.


Support materials often play a great role to the quality of a set of clothing design, its role even more than the fabric itself. If the matching of support materials is suitable, it can bring the painted dragon to life by putting in the pupils of its eyes and make twice the result with half the effort. On the contrary, it can only add legs to one's sketch of a serpent.



2. Classification

When a clothing is made up, except for the fabric, all materials used in the clothing are called support accessories. According to the different functions of support materials in clothing, it can be divided into lining materials, bearing strip materials, fillers, sewing threads, fastening materials, decoration materials, marking materials, packaging materials, etc.


Lining material

(1) Clothing Lining

Lining material refers to the materials used for some parts of clothing, such as collar lining, chest lining, waist head lining, etc., to serve as a foil and perfect the clothing molding or auxiliary clothing processing.


There are many kinds of clothing linings, which can be divided into several categories according to the parts, the materials for lining, the type of backing and the combination of lining and fabric. The main varieties are cotton interlining, linen, bristle lining, horsetail lining, resin lining, adhesive lining, etc.


(2) Pad

Pad materials include three kinds, breast pad, collar pad and shoulder pad.


Among them, shoulder pad can be subdivided into many kinds. For example, according to the forming method, it can be divided into the following three types.


① Thermoplastics

The shoulder pad with exquisite style, smooth surface and moderate hand feel can be made with mold forming and glue bonding technology, which is widely used in all kinds of clothing. For thin fabric fashion, high-grade thermoplastic shoulder pad is an indispensable tool.


② Suture Type

Different raw materials can be assembled into shoulder pads of different styles with the equipment such as sewing machine and high chaRiot. The product modelling and surface finish are poor, and it is mostly applied in thick fabric clothing.


③ Cutting Type

The shoulder pad can be made by cutting specific raw materials (sponge) with cutting equipment. However, due to the inherent defects of sponge shoulder pad (easy to deform, easy to change color, etc.), this type of shoulder pad has been basically eliminated.


Lining material

(3) Clothing Sewing Thread

Polyester sewing thread is also called high strength thread. Nylon sewing thread is called nylon thread. It is usually called pearly-lustre thread. Polyester sewing thread is twisted from polyester long fiber or short fiber, wear-resistant, low shrinkage, good chemical stability, but low melting point, high-speed, easy to melt, easy to block needle holes and easy to break. Polyester thread is widely used in the clothing sewing of cotton, chemical fiber and blended fabric because of its advantages such as high strength, good wear resistance, low shrinkage, good moisture absorption and heat resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to mildew and not moth eaten. In addition, it also has the characteristics of complete color, good color fastness, sunlight resistance, etc.


(4) Clothing Fastening Material

Clothing fastening materials include buttons, zippers and other fastening materials.


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