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What Is The Role Of Crochet In Knitting?

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Crochet is mainly used for knitting, it is a way to create fabric. A thread can be woven into a piece of fabric through a crochet hooks, and then the fabric is made into clothes or home accessories. Below we introduce the relevant knowledge of crochet.



The history of crochet

There are quite a few sources of the origin of lighted crochet hooks. Some theories suggest that crochet comes from Arabia, South America, or China, but there is no specific archeological evidence to prove where the crochet originated.


In the 18th century in France, there was a method of embroidery on the hoop called "tambour". This embroidery tool was actually the earliest crochet hooks. In the 19th century, in Britain and the United States, crochet was gradually popularized. Knitting is used to repair broken lace, which is a more cost-effective solution.

The earliest knitting needle was a curved needle that was nailed to a wooden handle. It can be seen that early Irish lace workers used this coarse knitting needle. The most expensive crochet needle may be silver, brass or ivory , steel, bones, etc., the handle is also carved with many fine patterns, mostly used by ladies in high society, and is considered as a part of the decorative hand.

crochet hooks


In the 1840s, the first books on crocheting were published in the UK by Eleanor Riego and Frances Lambert. From the book's point of view, early knitting crochet hooks patterns focused on vivid color matching and the combination of threads and fabrics, such as cotton and threaded linen, which are best used as lace.

The role and characteristics of crochet

1. Crochet knitting is a kind of knitting art, it is easy to learn and the tools are not complicated. It only needs a crochet hooks, plus crochet thread or wool, etc. Its work is characterized by more hollow patterns.


2. Because the use of knitting crochet hooks is very flexible, many wires can be woven with crochet. Common plastic ropes can be woven regardless of thickness. Knitted products may be as small as table boxes and as large as carpets.

It can also divide old clothes into cloth strips and use crochet to make usable rugs; or plastic bags at grocery stores into small strips and then make them into shopping bags that can always be used. Ornaments woven from metal threads, such as silver threads.


3. Crochet is an important tool for crocheting. There are many sizes and specifications, from as large as 3.5 mm to as small as 0.75 mm. In terms of material, aluminum and plastic are more common. The most commonly used crochet hooks size is 2.5mm to 19mm. The special slender crochet is called a Tunisian crochet (also known as Afghan crochet),this weave mixes crochet and loom.

crochet hooks


4. In custom crochet hooks, the main methods used are braid stitches (ie, lock stitches), short stitches, long stitches, and short stitches. They are interchanged with each other when weaving, forming various patterns and repeating weaving, which gradually forms various beautiful artworks.


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