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What Sewing Tools Do We Need To Make Clothes?

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For those who are new to fabric production, they often have confusion of buying What kind of tools. My personal suggestion is that you should first discover the tools that are available around you. Here we will introduce some tools, of course, not all are necessary.



1. Scissors

There are many types of tailor scissors, each has its own use, but some can be replaced. For example, a pair of small scissors is enough, it is used to cut thread ends, teeth, or buttonholes. Such scissors should have sharp tips. Relatively large scissors are needed to cut the fabric, at least 7 ". The price of the cloth scissors is very different, and you don’t have to pursue the brand blindly. The focus is on maintenance.



2. Rulers

The ruler is an essential measuring tool. Many fashionable special rulers can be used with rotary cutters. China's hand-made tools are basically from the 1960s and 1970s. For example, traditional bamboo tailor rulers still have a large market share.

stitch rippers 

When you first learn to make clothes, you can use a ruler of about 30 cm which are sold in the stationery store. It is best to use centimeter scale on one side and inch scale on the other side.


There is also a soft ruler, which is used to measure the circumference of persons' body or other objects.



3. Marking Tools

Bone pen: unlike other tools, using it to draw lines is not colored, leaving only a clear scratch. It is often used to guide lines on the surface of the patchwork. Because no paint is used, the works are clean.


Tailor chalk, water-based pen and cloth pencil: their common feature is coloring, but they can be washed. The lines drawn with tailor chalk are thicker than those of the other two, and the error is relatively large. It is less suitable to make smaller works. Never use ink pens and ballpoint pens to draw on the cloth, otherwise it will not be washed off.



4. Positioning Tools

The role of the positioning tool is to prevent the fabric from shifting during the manufacturing process. The most common positioning tool is a head pin. In addition to head pin, safety pin, paper clips, and long tail clips can also be used for positioning. Pins are used for patchwork quilting (crimping), and paper clips and long tail clips are used in places with thicker edges.



5. Hand Sewing Tools

The first item to mention is the hand needle. You can buy a round needle box, which contains all kinds of hand needles.


As for the sewing thread, although there is hand sewing and machine sewing, it is not necessary to be so particular at the beginning of the practice. However, it is better to use professional quilting thread, which is more beautiful.

stitch rippers


Thread wax can prevent the thread from tangling, and after the needle tip is scratched on the thread wax, it is easier to pass through the fabric, making hand sewing more effortless. High-quality thread wax should be beeswax, and now there are mineral waxes in the market, which are the same material as the candles.


The thimble is used to protect our fingers. In addition to metal, there are leather, there are middle finger thimble, index finger thimble and thumb thimble, you can select according to your own habits.


There is also a stitch rippers. The recessed part is the blade, which can be used to easily remove the suture.



Buying sewing tools is a step-by-step process. There are many tools in the market now, but the actual effect is not great, so you should understand its function before making a purchase.

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