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What Should We Pay Attention to When Choosing a Garment Zip?

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When choosing a garment zip, we should not only pay attention to the difference between the color of the zipper tape and the fabric, which is the so-called color difference, but also pay attention to the color fastness of the zipper tape. For manufacturers, whether the color fastness of the zipper reaches the standard level, and whether mutual dyeing between the zipper and the clothing will directly affect the quality of the final product. The color fastness mainly includes the washing and abrasion resistance of the product, and generally refers to the degree of discoloration of dyed fabrics under the influence of external factors such as extrusion, friction, soaping, rain and exposure during use or processing. As a manufacturer, when choosing a zipper supplier, you should pay attention to the three color fastnesses of the zipper, fastness to sunlight, fastness to soaping, and color migration, so as to improve the quality of clothing.



Fastness to Sunlight

Generally, sweat stains are accompanied with sun exposure. Therefore, the fastness to sunlight isn’t single problem, it includes double fastness to sunlight and sweat. Different degrees of sun exposure will cause a series of photochemical reactions, promote the structural destruction of the dye itself, and cause discoloration. At the same time, the presence of sweat will make the pH value weakly acidic or weakly alkaline, which will also significantly reduce the fastness to sunlight of some disperse dyes. Therefore, this compound effect is very different from simple fastness to sunlight or fastness to sweat. However, through some precautionary measures, the composite's fastness to sunlight can be enhanced, so that the color of the garment zip remains bright for a long time. Therefore, when choosing some zipper products, you should choose those with anti-ultraviolet enhancement treatment, or directly choose the zipper with high sun fastness.


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Fastness to Soaping

The fastness to soaping of the garment zip tape is also an important indicator. General zipper tapes are made of 100% polyester and dyed with disperse dyes at high temperature. The soaping fastness of disperse dye refers to the degree of staining of single fiber or multi-fiber cloth caused by the discoloration of dyed matter under certain washing conditions. In theory, because the disperse dye is dispersed inside the polyester, and the dispersion concentration of the dye gradually decreases from the fiber surface layer to the inner layer, which causes the surface layer to accumulate more dye molecules. Therefore, the fastness to soaping depends on two aspects. The first is the magnitude of the interaction force between the dye itself and the fiber molecules. If the force is large, it is difficult for the dye molecules to be washed out of the surface of the fiber. The second is the residual amount of dye molecules on the surface of the fiber in the dyeing and finishing process. If the subsequent treatment is thorough, the residual amount of dye on the surface will be minimal, and soaping will hardly fade the zipper tape.



Color Migration Problem

Many apparel manufacturing companies often use materials with special properties, such as PVC, PE cloth and various functional coating fabrics. These fabrics have complex processing processes, and usually some chemical additives such as plasticizers and solvents remain. Because of the presence of these additives, when in contact with the fiber cloth for a long time, these additives will penetrate into the fiber, and make it easier for the dye molecules to diffuse from the fiber to the surface. If the fabric is white or light-colored, the fabric is easily stained. In order to solve the problem of color shift of the zipper tape caused by diffusion, the best way is to see whether the dyes used can be better combined with polyester fibers when selecting the zipper.


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Garment zip is an important accessory of clothing. The quality of various indicators directly affects the final quality of the finished product. Therefore, when choosing a zipper supplier, it is important to understand how the indicators of all aspects of its products are clear. If you want to learn about more, please click

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