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Why is There a Piece of Cloth for Underwear Buckle?

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Underwear (specially referred to as bra) is a personal thing for women, and it is also closely related to the health of women's breasts, so every girl should choose the right underwear and protect her underwear. We wear our beloved underwear every day, and at the same time we choose clothes very carefully. Comfortable underwear will definitely bring us a comfortable experience, so do we really understand the underwear we wear? There is a rough cloth on the reverse side of the bra buckle. Do you know what it is used for?

Underwear buckle acts as a piece of cloth

Just pick up a piece of underwear we wear and you will find this small piece of rough cloth. Many people say that this cloth is a piece of cloth, and it has no important role. Others say that this cloth is more comfortable for non-slip. In fact, many people do not know the role of this cloth, it also has a magical role, which can be used to clean underwear.

Cleaning effect

The reverse side of the bra extende is used for cleaning, which has a good cleaning effect. I don't know if you have found that when we wash underwear, we usually feel that some places are particularly difficult to clean, and how to wash them is not clean. At this time, the underwear buckle played a significant role.

bra extende


After the underwear is wet, apply some laundry detergent or soap on the reverse side of the bra extender, and then use it to scrub the underwear, just like a small soft brush. Unlike a small brush, it will not damage the underwear, and does not cause deformation of underwear. If it is those delicate underwear, we should pay more attention to cleaning. Knowing that the reverse side of this buckle can be used for cleaning, we will not worry about it. Simply put, when washing the bra, pour the laundry liquid on this cloth, and then rub the bra lightly. This can not only clean the bra, but also protect the bra well and extend its life.

Anti-slip effect

Almost every piece of underwear has a small piece of fabric on the reverse side. This small piece of fabric is in sharp contrast to the material of the other parts of the underwear. It has a matte effect and plays a pivotal role in our underwear. This small piece of cloth is relatively rough and feels fluffy. Contact with our skin can prevent underwear from falling off and has a good anti-slip effect. Don't underestimate it, sometimes it will avoid a lot of embarrassment for us.


The above is the wonderful use of the buckle. In addition, many people have misunderstandings about bras.

1. bra hook

Many people think that it is enough to hang the bra hook and eye back closures, so in order to facilitate various hanging methods, some are turned back to the mirror and looked at the hanging, some are hooked on the front of the body, and then turn the cup back, these are wrong. This method may hurt the breasts while hurting the bra. The correct method is: it is best to lean forward on the body and hold the bra hooks and eyes clips, and use your hands to start from the underarms to the middle of the underwear to wrap the entire chest, and then adjust the shoulder straps to the appropriate position.

Bra Extender

2. Bra washing

As mentioned earlier, many people make mistakes when washing underwear. The above also briefly explained that the cloth behind the bra should be cleaned. Knowing these is not enough. The correct washing is this: wash with warm water and neutral detergent, or cold water or warm water slightly lower than body temperature (below 25°C), never use hot water. It should be washed by hand in a "light touch" manner, and the bra should not be squeezed excessively to avoid wrinkling. Especially bras with steel rings, don't twist it hard. You can use a normal neutral lotion or a neutral lotion for bras.


If you must machine wash, put your underwear in a laundry bag. In addition, according to the label's instructions, put underwear in the washing net for cleaning, the number is limited to half of the capacity of the washing net, and at the same time, separate the bra with and without the soft ring to wash other clothes. After washing underwear, you can not wring it by hand. You can only wrap it with a dry towel, squeeze it with your hands, and let the towel absorb moisture, then flatten the underwear to its original shape.


After washing, when drying, be sure to dry in the sun, because humid and cold places can breed bacteria. Finally, the underwear should be placed in the underwear counter, and the space should not be overcrowded and rubbed against other clothing. The folding method also affects the shape of the underwear. The principle of folding is to follow the force of the shape of the underwear so that the underwear will not be excessively distorted.

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