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several common tools in sewing drawing

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When sewing, we often encounter some drawing tools, sewing tools, or sewing machine accessories. Let's learn more about it.



1. Drawing Tools

(1) Pen

The basic tool for drawing is a pen, which can be either ordinary pencil or automatic pencil. Automatic pencil is more convenient when drawing a straight line because of its stable thickness.


(2) Paper

The paper for drawing is actually very important. Of course, any paper, such as newspaper, can be used as a drawing tool. However, if from a professional point of view, clothing plate making paper can be directly searched on the internet. Light and thin 45g plate making paper is relatively transparent, which can be used to copy paper patterns, etc. A little hard 120 grams or kraft paper is more suitable for preservation. And the rubbing of the paper on the cloth can be better painted. The price is not expensive either. A thick volume is for tens of yuan, and the width is relatively wide.


quilting ruler

(3) Ruler

A ruler is required for measuring the line. Most people know about rulers. Here are two commonly used rulers.


① The First Is a Straightedge

The commonly used ones are yardstick, straightedge and measuring scale.


Most of the yardsticks on the market are cm on one side and inch on the other side. It is recommended to buy cm on both sides, because inch is hardly needed. The four sides of cm ruler are cm, and it is very convenient for drawing.


Straightedge is mainly to draw right angles, convenient for vertical and horizontal lines. The measuring scale is generally for professional designers to draw a scaled down plate making drawing. There is also a little bit of advice, the scale drawing can also be made a trial version of versions.


② The Second Is the quilting ruler

Commonly used ones are snake shaped ruler and armhole ruler. Armhole ruler is mainly to draw collar circumference, armhole and hip circumference. The function of serpentine ruler is similar to armhole ruler. The reason why it is recommended is that serpentine ruler is convenient for making mouth gold bag, and it is more convenient to measure and draw drawings than armhole ruler.


(4) Scissors

Tailor's shears are one of the essential tools for drawing and sewing. It is worth noting that the paper-cut type scissors and the cloth cutting scissors must be separated and cannot be mixed.


There are also tips for cutting cloth. When cutting the cloth, it is better not to lift the scissors. The correct posture is to press lightly on one side of the cutting line of the cloth and fix it with one hand, and to press the tailor scissor against the table to cut the cloth with the other hand. When cutting the straight part, cut off the straight part straightforward with scissors. The curved part needs to be cut forward slowly with the tip part of the scissor. Note that when cutting cloth, the cloth should not leave the table as much as possible.


quilting ruler


2. Sewing Tools

(1) Water Erasing Pen

If the pencil is used on paper, the cloth is suitable for water erasing pen. It is very convenient with water erasing pen. Especially for knitting cloth, because of its elasticity, it can be moved down slowly with water erasing pen.


(2) Beading Needle(Strong Clip)

Beading needle is for fixing the cloth. Pay attention to the direction of the needle, so as to facilitate sewing. Now there is a kind of strong clip, and its fixation effect is better than the beading needle. But it is not convenient to hold the needle when sewing. Which one is selected depends on the specific situation.


(3) Rope Threading Device

The rope threading device is necessary for wearing elastic belt. Generally, the plug-in type rope threading device can be used.


(4) Awl

The awl is also a tool often used in the process of sewing, which can be applied for marking, and can also press the cloth while sewing to assist the feeding. The other usage of the awl is to adjust the cloth angle, especially the right angle. Pick the cloth angle to the seam allowance with the awl, just like being squeezed out.

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