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Analysis of the Development Status of Chinese Garment Accessories Industry

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The garment accessories industry and the garment industry are interdependent. Without the cooperation of the garment accessories industry, the garment industry is also difficult to play a role of being the leader of its industry. In order to strengthen the linkage effect of the apparel industry chain and promote the overall development of the industry, according to reports, more than 100 garment accessories companies have cooperated with professional buyers and apparel companies. The purchase accessories includes label, ribbon webbing, clothing accessories, lining cloth, hanger props and packaging.



Development Status of China's Garment Accessories Industry

Driven by textiles, clothing, bags, footwear, and sporting goods, in recent years, China's zip production has increased year by year, and current sales account for about half of global sales. It is expected that in the next few years, China's zip output will still grow at an average annual rate of about 20%. At present, there are more than 2,000 zip processing enterprises with a certain scale in the country, mainly concentrated in the three provinces of Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Fujian. Industrial cluster bases focusing on zip production and sales are being formed.


The industry analysis shows that China's clothing accessories industry has huge production capacity and an amazing scale, but due to the lack of effective integration and product innovation, the value of the entire clothing industry chain is not obvious. In particular, Chinese  garment accessories products have relied on low-price competition for a long time, and the brand strategy is seriously lacking, resulting in low added value of products and difficulties for enterprises to survive, which makes the products play an insignificant role in the entire industrial chain.


garment accessories 

Types of Garment Accessories

Interlinings, buttons and other accessories are the skeleton and eyes of the garment. It determines the quality of the garment and plays a vital role in improving the grade of the garment. Especially the adhesive interlining has the problem of compatibility with clothing and fabrics. Only by understanding the performance and development trends of clothing, fabrics, accessories and fibers can we be targeted and have a broad market development space.



Non-iron lining, water-soluble lining, and green products will be popular in the market. In fashion interlining, thin elastic interlining is popular. As for the suit lining, it is necessary to develop a high-end suit lining compatible with the light, thin and soft style of suits. In terms of professional clothing lining, we should aim at the characteristics of light, thin, soft, and solemn in modern professional clothing. The base fabric adopts multi-component materials and has passed international advanced post-processing methods to meet the requirements of environmentally friendly products. In short, all kinds of interlinings and fabrics must be soft, comfortable, stiff, good in shape retention, not deformed after washing, and fully reflect the individual style of various garments.



The color of unsaturated resin buttons is rich in change, strong in simulation, and excellent in physical and chemical properties, and has become a leading product. The pattern of urea buttons is comparable to various horns and wood grains, and has high hardness, good abrasion resistance, dry cleaning resistance, and ultraviolet resistance. More than 90% of western suits use urea buttons. Natural treasures-shell buttons, made from seawater and freshwater pearl shells, are the most creative buttons. Metal buttons, especially precious metals and imitation precious metals such as 18k gold plating and silver plating will become the focus of procurement of accessories for clothing companies. Natural material buttons, such as nut buttons, coconut buttons, horn buttons, gem and buttons will become popular highlights, especially gem buttons will be used to match high-end fashion. Sewing-free buttons are buttons that are directly connected to clothing by some additional devices on the buttons without seams. Such buttons will be widely used in various types of casual clothing. Functional buttons are a kind of high-tech trendy buttons. In addition to connecting clothes, they also have unexpected functions such as emitting fragrance, medicinal physiotherapy, energy storage and light emitting.



Other Accessories

Other accessories such as zips, metal fasteners, cords, labels, embroidery, floc and padding are also indispensable parts of clothing. These accessories will meet the performance of the clothing, while moving towards high technology and functionality, also developing in the direction of health care and green environmental protection.

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