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Besides Sewing Machines, You May Also Need Sewing Tools

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Sewing machine is a professional equipment. Of course, it is necessary. Next, let's talk about what other small tools are needed to make sewing more convenient.



1. The First Category, Sewing Machine Related

(1) All Kinds of Professional Presser Foot

It includes invisible zipper, embroidery, transparent patchwork, trimming and locking, adjustable cloth strip, disc pattern, etc. The prices of presser foot can be found on the Internet. Buy what is needed, and do not waste resources.


(2) Various Types of Hand Needles

The larger the hand needles number is, the coarser the needle hole will be. If the thread or the material is changed, the needle will also be changed. Do not be lazy, or the thread will be stuck. If the hand needles is slightly bent or blunt, it should be replaced. Do not be reluctant. After the stranding, it is easy to poke into the inner shuttle. The inner shuttle is more expensive. Moreover, the stranding also damages the gear. It is 8-10 yuan per package.


(3) High Speed Polyester Sewing Thread of Various Colors

Domestic ones usually cost 3 to 8 yuan for 3000 yards. There are many such sewing threads in the local cloth wholesale market, and online shopping will cost 1 or 2 yuan more. It is better to use German wire, so the phenomenon of hair falling and hanging on the machine will be much less. The color fastness and heat resistance of the sewing thread will also be much higher.


(4) 3 Silicone Grease for Nylon Gear of Sewing Machine,  or Sewing Oil

The former is used for plastic gears and the latter for all metal bodies. Three yuan for each is enough.


(5) Presser Foot

It is 20-30 yuan in variety.


Sewing Box


2. The Second Category, Tailoring Related

(1)Sewing Box

It can maintain the maximum use area of the desktop, manage small tools, and save time and space. It is about 50 yuan.


(2) Steel Scissors for Cloth, 8-12 Inches

It usually costs 20-1000 yuan. It can not be used for paper cutting, or it will cost a lot. For tens of yuan of scissors, the sharp black edge is not easy to oxidize. Top grade good scissors do not hurt hands at all. They are sharp, smooth, light and durable.


(3) Small Yarn Scissors

It can cut the thread and remove the thread. The nylon handle black yarn scissors are very sharp.


(4) Pointed tweezer, Awl

Good tweezer is about 20 yuan, hard texture. Ordinary is 3 to 4 yuan, and long and thin straight head is better. The awl is 1~5 yuan. Morning market stalls are full of awls. It is best to select a sharp, smooth awl without any burr.


(5) Rotary Cutter

It is better to prepare one blade of 18mm ~ 45mm diameter respectively. Less known and inferior brands cost about 10 to 40 yuan. A better brand is from 50 to 100 yuan. This tool is very suitable for cutting a stack of cloth neatly.


(6) Cutting Pad

A3 is enough for ordinary hand-made cutting pad. Generally it is from 30 to 300 yuan. There is generally cheap recycled materials in stationery shop, dozens of yuan. The new material is more expensive and smells different.


(7) Water Erasing Pen

The painting will soon disappear on the cloth, 1.5~3 yuan in variety.


(8) Quilting Ruler

A quilting Ruler is for measuring, marking and cutting. Wood material is 3~8 yuan, and acrylic cloth ruler is 15~100 yuan.


(9) Tailor Tape

A tailor tape is to measure the irregular shape of a garment. Measuring tape is 2~5 yuan, and snake ruler is 15~200 yuan.


Sewing Box


3. The Third Category, Necessary for Sewing

(1) Pincushion

It is commonly for needle storage, safe and tidy. It can be self-made and easy to make.


(2) High Grade Hand Sewing Needle

It is easy to sew by hand with smooth ring needle. Hand sewing is irreplaceable and can make the work more perfect. It is best to buy a box of 3 or 4 yuan which is exported to Japan or Europe and the United States. There are all kinds of sizes. This kind of needle is smooth and easy to sew.


(3) Leather Thimble and Metal Thimble

Leather thimbles are more expensive, about 15 yuan or more, and metal ones are sold everywhere. The pure brass thimble with 50 cents on the small stall is also in good use.


(4) Head Needle

It is for fixing cloth before supposititious seam, two yuan a dish, about 20 pieces. The sharper and smoother the needle is, the better it will be. A good plate costs 5 yuan or more.


(5) Tailor Chalk

Tailor chalk is about three yuan a big box, more than 20 pieces. Wax tailor chalk is more expensive.


(6) Iron

The iron is about 150 yuan, and the steam iron works well. The 300 yuan cordless iron is better. It can hardly leak water and burn clothes.


(7) Ironing Board

It can be self-made. A wool felt can be spread on the waste blanket or wood board. The wool felt is 10 yuan per meter.


For sewing enthusiasts, it is very convenient to know something about the above sewing related tools.

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