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Clothing accessories--practical and fashionable

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Clothing is a project, including design and production. The production process is divided into various links. The most important link is the selection of materials. The materials are divided into fabrics and other accessories. These other accessories are collectively called clothing accessories, which are indispensable elements for decorating clothing and expanding the functions of clothing in addition to fabrics.


About clothing accessories, this matter can be large or small. For a designer, the excellent use of auxiliary materials is the key, because it is the finishing touch to our work. Out of your expectation, your work will win because of the use of accessories! It is also possible that you are out of the game due to your accessories!

Resin buttons 

The functionality of accessories products has undergone some changes under new market conditions. With the upgrading of technology, consumer aesthetics, the design needs of designers and the change of fashion trends, the core of most accessory products has changed from function to decoration effect. For example, decorative buckles, tassels, beads, rivets, lace, etc. are all used as accessories for decoration. The design and application of accessories have been integrated into the overall design of the clothing, and have become one of the key design elements for the clothing brands to win in the increasingly fierce market competition.


Clothing accessories are various, but generally can be divided into the following 7 categories: lining, garment interlining, packing, wire and tape materials, fastening materials, decoration materials, label material. Today we focus on fastening materials and decorative materials. Fastening materials mainly include buttons and zippers.




1. Natural material buttons

a. Shell buttons: With hard material, corrosion resistance and elegant texture, they have pearl luster and mostly used in feminine dress and shirt design. b. Wood buttons:  With natural wood texture, they are simple and natural, suitable for rural style, cotton and linen style design. c. Coconut shell buttons: They are light brown to dark brown in color, with different colors on the front and back sides, with spots or filamentous veins on the surface. They are suitable for rural style, cotton and linen style design.


2. Metal buttons

Metal buttons usually choose copper, aluminum or alloy as materials. They mainly include snap button, I button, mushroom button, etc. They are firm, beautiful and decorative, mostly used for fashion style design, jacket design, uniform design.


3. Synthetic material buttons

a. Resin buttons: They are wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant. Variety of colors, bright colors, strong simulation. With bright color, rich shape and strong decoration, they can improve hardness, strength and wear resistance of ordinary plastics and metal substrates. c. Urea-formaldehyde resin buttons: They are one of the oldest varieties of synthetic material buttons. The color is mainly black and brown, and patterns are rare. They are suitable for the design of windbreakers and retro styles. d. Plastic buttons: They include plexiglass buttons : They have good transparency, light weight, low cost, and are easy to process and easy to dye. e. Cloth buttons: Pay attention that the fabric should not be too thin or too thick.


Resin buttons



1. Zipper varieties

Include Metal zipper, plastic zipper, nylon zipper.


2. Zipper classification

Zipper specifications and models are generally used as No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No. 6, No. 7, No. 8, No. 10, double open, single open, closed tail, invisible, etc.


3. Precautions for using zipper

(1) Is there any color difference between the components of the zipper. (2) Shrinkage rate: the washing shrinkage rate of clothing zippers is not more than 3%, and the shrinkage rate of dry cleaning is not more than 3%. (3) Whether the color fastness is stable to prevent the clothing from staining.

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