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Don't you know the fashion interpretation of sweaters?

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Now there are many sweaters of different styles and fabrics on the market. People can choose products according to their own preferences. However, sweaters have not been so popular before. The fashion evolution of sweaters has gone through a long process. Let us take a look



History of sweaters

No one knows when the first sweater was knitted, but it must be one of the earliest garments for humankind. Archaeologists discovered the existence of coarse sweaters in the tombs of Loulan, 4000 years ago. In the West, shepherds, shearing, grooming, dyeing, spinning, knitting wool, and making sweaters are already a fixed process. The cut wool must be combed, then spun, and finally used for weaving.



Fashion interpretation of sweater

The first person to connect sweaters with fashion was Coco Chanel. Before her, sweaters were just heavy home clothing, and after her, sweaters became the most respected stars in the fashion industry, performing thousands of changes and various styles on the T-stage and the screen. Chanel boldly introduced male fashion elements into the female world and created her own simple, bright and unique style. As the famous designer Christian Dior later said, a woman revolutionized fashion with a black sweater and a few pearl necklaces.

Sweater Knitting


The turtleneck sweater is Chanel's classic design: simple and comfortable, because it hides the sexy elements of women, it is even more attractive. Chanel has a new interpretation of sexy, and her design has been appreciated by many stars and elegant women at that time and later. Audrey Hepburn cut her pretty short hair in Waiting to Dark, a turtleneck sweater and fitted trousers to create a thin, smart and strong blind girl. Marilyn Monroe dumped men from all over the world with her innocent and lazy expression. She showed a different kind of sexy in loose sweaters, which made this dress sold worldwide in the 1960s.


Op Art should thank the development of knitting technology. OP art use human vision to imitate repeated patterns to achieve results. It is possible to rely on the development of technology to make the artist's design possible. In response to the trend of retro, many brands in autumn and winter have launched new op styles of sweater, which show fantastic effects and are very practical. For example, for a checkered dress, as long as the chest and hips are slightly enlarged, the waist pattern is reduced, It can produce the visual effect of breast enhancement, beautiful buttocks and thin waist.


Many brands produce sweaters, but the global brand featuring hand-knitted sweaters is glorified by the Finns: the famous clothing brand ANNIKKI KARVINEN. Known for selling hand-knit sweaters with local colors, it has been in existence for more than 30 years. The brand successfully merged Finn's unique hand-weaving technique Poppana with fashion, giving the ancient art a new glory, conquering many fashion stars from Jacqueline Kennedy to Madonna.

Sweater Knitting



Maybe many people don't have time to knit sweaters now, but it is undeniably a new way of leisure. In a relaxed afternoon, take out wool and crochet and knit your own sweater kingdom. Follow us to discover the knitting world you didn't know.

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