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How To Choose Shoulder Pads?

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In the clothing industry, shoulder pads are semi-circular or oval pads that line the shoulders of clothing and are important accessories for shaping the shape of shoulders. The role of shoulder pads is to keep a person's shoulders horizontal. Do you know the types and selection principles of womens shoulder pads?



Benefits of adding shoulder pads to clothing

We will find that most people's shoulders are sloped. Adding shoulder pads to clothing can make the shoulders thick and full, improve or extend the shoulder line, and make the wearer's shoulders flat and beautiful. Formal clothes always have shoulder pads. If they are flat shoulders, shoulder pads should not be used; if they are slippery, it is better to keep them. There are many types of shoulder pads, with different materials and properties. Reasonable selection should be made during application, and pay attention to the sewing process to effectively play the role of big shoulder pads.



The type of shoulder pad

Cotton pad

The traditional method is to fill a semi-circular shoulder pad made of cotton with white fine cloth, which is hand-stitched, and is mostly used on cotton coats. Individuals can reduce or increase the thickness of the shoulder pads according to actual needs. Its characteristics are soft and smooth, it can be ironed at high temperature, but it is not resistant to washing and has poor elasticity.


Women's Clothes shoulder pads

Foam plastic mat

Youth shoulder pads made of polyurethane foam are mainly used in suits, overcoats, sundresses, blouses, fashion, woolen sweaters and other garments. They are widely used in middle and low-end clothing. Its characteristics are that it is resistant to washing and is not easy to deform, soft and flexible, but it is not suitable for ironing at high temperature due to its poor heat resistance, and it is easy to age and become brittle.



Chemical fiber acupuncture pad

It uses viscose staple fiber, polyester staple fiber, acrylic staple fiber, etc. as raw materials, and is compounded by needle punching to form shoulder pads, which are mostly used in suits, uniforms and coats. Acupuncture shoulder pads are used more often, which is characterized by soft texture and convenient sewing, but with poor elasticity, and it is not suitable for high-temperature ironing.



The selection of shoulder pads

1. Adapt to the performance of clothing fabrics

Shoulder pads should match the fabric in terms of color, thickness, moisture absorption and breathability. Such as dark fabric clothing, especially thin summer clothing, it is best to choose dark shoulder pads. For clothing that requires high-temperature styling and ironing, the same or similar heat resistance between surface and auxiliary materials must also be considered.


2. Match the style of clothing

The shape and style of clothing design are often affected by shoulder pads. Reasonable shoulder pads can well express the designer's design intent. Designers can use appropriate shoulder pads to complete the shape of clothing.


Women's Clothes shoulder pads

3. Match with clothing price, cost and quality

The price of clothing materials directly affects the cost and profit of clothing. Therefore, under the premise of meeting the quality requirements of clothing, it is generally better to choose a suitable shoulder pad.



Do you know how to choose a shoulder pad? If you have any purchase needs for shoulder pads, please feel free to contact us.


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