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How to Choose the Suitable Sewing Tools?

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Many people like to make handcrafts. If you just begin, and you don’t know how long you can persist, it is recommended to sew by hand or buy an entry-level sewing machine. It you just want to make a very simple small bag, tailor scissors, embroidery thread, hand sewing machine are enough.


If you confirm that you want to continue sewing, and you need to sew very accurately, then you need to consider some tools.



1. Sewing Machine

▲ Heavy Machine 80, using experience ★★★★★

About 1,400 yuan, I use it currently. I have sent a detailed evaluation before, so I won't go into details here. To add, I haven't used this machine to make silk or other fabrics. Some people say that this sewing machine may be a bit troublesome to insert into thin materials. People who have such needs can learn more about it. I have also sewed thin cotton cloth. My current experience is good. 


Tailoring Tools

The sewing machine accessories such as stitch ripper are contained, which is used for thread ripping when stitching is wrong.



2. Electric Iron

▲ Braun TSS525A, using experience ★★★★★

With many functions, steaming (the steam volume can be controlled), automatic power off, and the ironing temperature can be adjusted, but most of the time we will not use so many functions, just buy a simple electric iron.



3. Marking Tools

▲ Water elimination pen, using experience ★★★★★

Water elimination pens, gas elimination pens, ordinary drawing powder, soft wax drawing powder, and tailor chalk can be used for marking. They are used to mark on the fabric, mark the center point, draw the complete line, sewing line, etc.


In general, the pen is more convenient to drawing powder, and the experience of using the water elimination pen is the best. After washing, the traces disappear. The air elimination pen will automatically fade after a while. Ordinary drawing powder, the powder will drop everywhere, not recommended. Soft wax drawing powder, not dropping powder, but the coloring is not as good as water elimination pen, it is stronger than ordinary drawing powder, and it is cost-effective and cheaper than pen. The tailor chalk can also be considered.


▲ Positioning tools, using experience ★★★

The head pins and positioning clips are recommended by novices. They are used to prevent double-layer fabric displacement and to fix the sewing position. They can also be used to mark return openings, stop points, starting points, etc.


For some fabrics, the pinhole is a bit obvious after the head pin is inserted, try to insert it in the position of the seam allowance.


Tailoring Tools 

4. Measurement Tools

Measuring tape, using experience: it is OK, you have to buy one if you want to sew by yourself. A soft tape measure is needed to measure the length of the curve horizontally.


▲ Steel ruler, it is used with wheel cutter


▲ Straight ruler, curve ruler, if you don't make clothes, you don't use it often, buy it on demand.


5. Tailoring Tools

You must ensure the scissor is sharp enough.


Coupled with needles and threads, they are the basic tools and materials for you. They are relatively common tools. Other hardware installation tools (hole punching tools, screwdrivers, gas eye snap installation tools, etc.) are recommended to buy only when you need them.

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