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Notionsland Has Started Providing Face Mask Resources

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Thank for Customers from all over the world who’s care about our company's epidemic situation.Thanks to the government for effective measures and control, our local epidemic situation has been effectively controlled (As of March 20, 148 patients of the 5.6 million total population in Jinhua City have been cured, and there have been no new cases for 9 consecutive days).Our normal production has all been restored. In order to cope with the Explosive consumption after the epidemic has ended, our material reserves and production line arrangements have been fully in place.

Unfortunately, after our county’s epidemic situation gets better, customers in other parts of the world are now facing the challenge of the epidemic.In particular, many of our customers are large supermarket chains, their entire group has hundreds of thousands of employees, and the daily consumption of surgical face masks is very large.

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In order to repay everyone's long-term support, we have specially connected a series of reliable (with regular production qualification), high output (100,000 per day) face mask factory with ce test, and provide with reasonable price for all new and old customers.

In the epidemic, everyone is equal, regardless of skin color, race, gender, age, rich or poor, nationality. All members of our company or our customers need face mask protection, to protect themselves, to protect their colleagues, to protect their families. We need to be responsible to ourselves, to our families, and to the society.

love & peace

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