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The Importance of Clothing Accessories

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1. Auxiliary Materials

(1) Contents of Support Materials

Clothing accessories(Support materials) include lining, filler, riboux, sewing thread material, fastening material, decoration material, zipper, button, ribbon, shoulder pad, lace lining, lining, hangers, tags, ornaments, panel strips, tailor chalks, hooks, fur, trademarks, ropes, fillers, plastic accessories, metal accessories, packaging bags, printing marks, bar codes and other related items.


(2) Four Explanations of Clothing Accessories

① The First Explanation

In addition to fabric and lining, a piece of clothing can be said to be clothing accessories. This is not scientific. In fact, lining is one of the earliest clothing accessories.

Clothing accessories 

② Second Interpretation

This is also a popular explanation of support materials on the Internet. Clothing production is a project, including production and design, in which the production process is divided into many links. The most important step is to select materials, which are divided into fabrics and other auxiliary materials. Other accessories mentioned here are collectively referred to as clothing accessories, which are essential elements for expanding clothing functions and decorating clothing besides fabric, including zipper, button, ribbon, shoulder pad, lace, lining, riboux, hanger, tag, ornament, moulding, panel strip, hook, fur, trademark, thread, filler, plastic accessories, metal accessories, packing box bag, logo Bar code and other related items.


③ The Third Explanation

When a piece of clothing is made up, except for the fabric, all the materials used in the clothing are called support materials. Support materials in the market mainly include interlining, lining, zipper, button, metal fastener, thread belt, trademark, wadding and padding, etc.


According to the different functions of support materials in clothing, it can be divided into the following contents.


A. Lining

Cotton fabric lining, silk fabric lining, viscose fiber lining, acetate filament lining, synthetic filament lining.


B. Lining Material

Cotton lining, hemp lining, bristle lining, horsetail lining, resin lining, adhesive lining


C. Pad

Chest pad, collar pad, shoulder pad, hip pad


D. Filler

Floc filler, material filler


E. Sewing Thread

Cotton sewing thread, silk sewing thread, polyester sewing thread, polyester cotton blended sewing thread, embroidery thread, gold and silver thread, special sewing thread


Clothing accessories

F. Fastening Material

Buttons, zippers, other fastening materials


G. Other Materials

Belt materials, decorative materials, marking materials and packaging materials


④ Fourth Explanation

The fourth explanation is the comprehensive understanding of clothing accessories. When consumers buy a new piece of clothing, except for the fabric, everything else is called support materials, including lining, intermass, filler, padding, trademark, belt, sewing thread, fastening material and packaging material.



2. Importance

In fact, in the clothing industry, except for fabrics, all materials used in textile and clothing products can be called textile and clothing accessories, which include various lining materials, padding materials, fillers, sewing threads, fastening materials, decorative materials, marking materials, packaging materials, etc. All these accessories have a very important impact on the internal quality and external quality of the products. There is no doubt that no matter what kind of clothing accessories all belong to the details of the product. But details often determine the fate of a textile and clothing product. Accessories often play a great role in the design and quality of a set of textile and garment products, sometimes even more than the fabric itself. Although the auxiliary materials are small, once the quality is unqualified, the whole product and even the whole textile and clothing brand are involved.


With the rapid development of the clothing industry, consumers continue to pursue individuality and fashion. Clothing accessories including buttons have been given the role of decoration and ornament. The designer's proper use of textile and clothing accessories can definitely achieve twice the result with half the effort.



In retrospect, zippers, buttons and linings in clothing accessories are all applied to clothing products for their functionality and practicability. For example, the zipper is used as a connecting part in the textile and clothing products, and the lining is only used for the inner layer of the clothing products to strengthen and straighten. However, after years of development since the reform and opening up, China's clothing accessories industry has already had a considerable scale. The level of specialization is higher and higher, and the product types are much more and more. With the change of consumer demand, clothing accessories are changing frompractical functiontofashion decoration function. The design of accessories has also begun to integrate into the overall design of clothing, becoming a key element of fashion and popularity.

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