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The Invention History of The Zipper

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With the development of human socioeconomic and science and technology, the zipper has developed from the original metal materials to non-metal materials, single varieties and single functions to multiple varieties and multiple specifications and comprehensive functions. Its performance, structure and materials are changing with each passing day, and it is widely used in various fields such as aerospace, aviation, military, medical, civil, etc. The role of small garment zips in people's lives becomes more and more important, showing its importance and vitality. The zipper, as one of the ten most useful inventions for human beings in this century, has been written into the annals of history.

1. Definition of Zipper

1) It is a fastener consisting of a row of metal or plastic teeth on each of the two straps, which is used to connect the edge of the opening (such as clothing or a bag opening), and a slider can pull the two rows of teeth into the interlock position to close the opening.

2) A chain attached to something (as a suspended or dropped object) to tighten, stabilize, or guide it.


2. Classification of zipper

1) Classified by material

It can be divided into nylon zipper, resin zipper, metal zipper.

A. Nylon zippers: invisible zippers, through zippers, adhesive waterproof zippers, non-through zippers, double bone zippers, knitted zippers, etc.

B. Resin zippers: gold (silver) tooth zippers, transparent zippers, translucent zippers, energy-saving glowing zippers, laser zippers, diamond zippers.

C. Metal zippers: aluminum zippers, copper zippers (brass, white copper, bronze, red copper, etc.), black nickel zippers.

2) Classified by variety

A. Closed tail zipper

B. Open tail zipper (left and right inserting)

C. Double closed tail zipper (X or O)

D. Double open tail zipper (left and right inserting)

E. Double open tail zipper (X or O)

F. One-side open tail (left and right inserting, nylon and resin only, commonly hooded)

3) Classified by specifications

0 #, 2 #, 3 #, 4 #, 5 #, 7 #, 8 #, 9 #, 10 #, 20 # ..... 30 #, the size of the zipper is proportional to the size of the zipper teeth.

4) Classified by structure

A. Closed zipper. The back code is fixed and can only be pulled away from the front code end. When the zipper is fully opened, the two chain straps cannot be separated by the back code connection. It is suitable for ordinary bags.

B. Open zipper. There is no back code at the lower end of the chain and a locking piece is provided. When the locking member is locked, it is equivalent to a closed zipper. When the slider is pulled against the locking member to separate the locking member, the chain belt can be separated. It is suitable for clothing or items that often need to be pulled apart.

C. Double open zip. There are two sliders that can be opened or closed from either end. Pull both sliders against the lock to separate them, and you can open them completely. It is suitable for large bags, bedding, tents, etc.


5) Classified by function

A. Self-locking zipper

B. Unlocked zipper

C. Semi-automatic lock zipper

D. Invisible zipper

6) Classified by metal zipper teeth

Single point teeth: common teeth, Y teeth, square teeth.

Double point teeth: corn teeth, European teeth.

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