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The difference between woven interlining and non-woven interlining

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Non-woven interlining is a kind of clothing accessories. Adhering it to a certain part of the clothes can make the fabric harden without deforming. The non-woven interlining has adhesive particles on one side, which will stick to the fabric after the iron is heated to a high temperature, but this non-woven interlining is often damaged during laundry. And another kind of interlining is called woven interlining, just like fabric, which is stronger than non-woven lining. Different fabrics or different clothing styles or different clothing parts will use different interlinings. What is the difference between woven interlining and non-woven interlining?



Different Processes

Woven interlining is formed by the interweaving of fabrics. It is divided into woven and knitted interlinings. Non-woven interlining is made of viscose fiber (such as hemming tape) by combing into nets, and then by mechanical or chemical forming. Hemming tape relies on its adhesive properties to make garment modifications. When the hemming tape is ironed to the woven fabric, it can be firmly adhered to the woven fabric due to the adhesive of the hemming tape. According to its forming methods, it can be classified into chemical sticking method, needling method, hot rolling method and spunlace method.


hemming tape


Different Performance

1. Different Intensity

Due to different manufacturing processes, the woven interlining is generally higher in strength than the non-woven interlining. The type of clothing that requires higher strength mainly uses woven interlining. In order to overcome the weak strength of non-woven interlining, the non-woven sewing interlining is also developed. The non-woven sewing lining is stitched on the non-woven fabric by a stitch knitting machine to enhance the strength of the bottom and make up for the lack of strength of the non-woven fabric, making it more competitive.


2. Different Hand Feel and Drape

Woven interlinings generally have good hand feel and drape. The twill woven adhesive interlinings are soft, which is particularly prominent at this point. The non-woven interlinings made by hot rolling and spunlace are soft. The non-woven interlining made by chemical bonding method feels hard.


3. Different Elasticity

In woven interlining, the elasticity of knitted adhesive interlining is better, and the elasticity of woven adhesive interlining is poor. In non-woven interlining, the non-woven interlining made by spunlace has better elasticity, and the non-woven interlining made by chemical bonding method has a harder elasticity.


hemming tape


Different Uses

1. Clothing Interlining

The selection of clothing interlining on the base cloth mainly pursues soft hand feel and elegant drape. Some clothing types also have certain elastic requirements for adhesive interlining. Thick woven woven interlining is mainly used for waist interlining and collar interlining. Thick non-woven interlining is mainly used for coat collars and belts. Medium-thick non-woven interlining is mainly used for raincoats, windbreakers, children's clothing and uniforms. And thin non-woven interlining is mainly used for knitted collars.


2. Shoe Interlining

The interlining for shoes has high requirements on comfort and reinforcement on the base cloth, and usually the woven lining is used.


3.Other Uses

In addition to clothing, shoes and hats, due to cost and processing considerations, the choice of interlining in other industries is mainly non-woven interlining.



The quality of the adhesive interlining is directly related to the quality of the garment. Therefore, when purchasing adhesive interlining, not only the appearance requirements, but also whether the parameters and performance of the interlining cloth are consistent with the quality requirements of the garment.

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