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What Tools Are Needed For Embroidery

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Embroidery is a kind of folk traditional art with a long history. The materials needed for embroidery include various materials and bottom cloth, hand stretch or roll stretch of different sizes, embroidery needle, embroidery thread, embroidery scissors, embroidery frame, etc.



1. Type of Cloth

Different bottom cloth has different requirements for thread, needle and pattern. Only in this way can embroidery be beautiful. There are three kinds of cloth, plant fiber cloth, animal fiber cloth and chemical fiber cloth.


(1) Plant Fiber Cloth

Plant fiber cloth is what we usually call all kinds of pure cotton, linen and cotton linen interwoven cloth. Generally, soft and light cotton cloth is suitable for all kinds of small face towels, handkerchiefs, bread towels, small napkins, etc. The thick and crisp cotton cloth is suitable for large tablecloth, bedspread, refrigerator cloth, pillow case, etc.


embroidery tools

(2) Animal Fiber Cloth

Animal fiber cloth includes silk, damask, georgette, cashmere, flannel, pure wool, etc. Generally, silk soft satin is to make high-grade pajamas, wedding curtains and other bedding, and embroidered with pure silk thread.


(3) Chemical Fiber Cloth

Due to its low melting point, chemical fiber cloth is not as heat-resistant as cotton, linen and wool materials, so chemical fiber cloth is better not to embroider with cotton thread and silk thread. Chemical fiber cloth is more suitable for machine embroidery or ribbon embroidery, bead embroidery, sequin embroidery, etc.



2. All Kinds of Embroidery Thread

The type of embroidery thread is the same as that of cloth, including pure cotton fine embroidery thread, pure cotton thick embroidery thread, compound thread, linen thread, machine embroidery thread, gold and silver thread, chemical fiber thread, etc. Among them, pure cotton embroidery thread is the mainstream, and has the most widely usage.


(1) Pure Cotton Fine Embroidery Thread

The pure cotton fine embroidered thread is made of single yarn, which has about 40 color systems, and each color system has about 6-9 color scales from light to deep. It can be plying together to use. When embroidering on the rougher bottom cloth, the pure cotton fine thread should be embroidered with plied yarns, otherwise the embroidered pattern is easy to foam and expose the bottom cloth, which is not smooth.


(2) Pure Cotton Rough Embroidery Thread

The pure cotton rough embroidered thread is made of 3 yarns to twist together, with less color system, and each color system has 3-5 color scales. Generally, it is not applied in plied yarn, at most in two yarns. It is suitable for embroidery on linen bottom cloth and velvet bottom cloth.


(3) Plied Yarn

Most of the plied yarn are imported embroidered threads, which are composed of 6 strands. The line itself is glossy and the color is elegant. Each color system contains gray elements, such as gray green, gray pink, gray blue, etc. The plied imported thread is most suitable for making woolen embroidery painting.


(4) Gold and Silver Thread

Gold and silver thread is generally suitable for plate gold embroidery and diamond embroidery. Due to the crisp texture of gold and silver thread, it is not suitable for embroidery with more complicated needlework.



3. Embroidery Needle

Like thread, the choice of needle can not be ignored. When selecting embroidery needles, pay special attention to the two ends of the needles, i.e.needle noseandneedle tip. The needle nose should be oval, so the needle nose does not bite the thread. If the needle nose is rectangular or pointed round, it is easy to bite the thread. That is to say, it is easy to cut the thread. The thinner and longer the needle is, then it will be better.


embroidery tools


4. Scissors

There are also categories of scissors for embroidery. Such as thread cutting scissors, the tip of the scissors should be upward, so as to avoid picking the tip of the scissors on the embroidery when cutting the needle.



5. Embroidery Frame

The embroidery frames are divided into square and round shapes. There are three kinds of materials, wood, bamboo and plastic. Generally, there are two kinds of round embroidery frame, bamboo and plastic, which are divided into three types, large, medium and small. The major diameter is 30cm, the medium diameter is 20cm, and the minor diameter is 12cm. First of all, pay attention to choosing the embroidery frame according to the size of the pattern. If the pattern is too large, it should be divided into several parts.


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