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What to Prepare Before Starting Cross Stitch?

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Do you like cross stitch? Are you surprised that the worker can sew beautiful patterns with a few needles and threads? Next let's see what are the tools for cross stitch.


Cross Stitch Preparation Guide

1. Pick embroidery needles

Cross stitch needles are special needles, the tip of which is blunt, and the eye of the needle is large, larger than normal needles. The blunt tip will not damage the thread during embroidery. Cross stitch needles have different lengths. The larger the number, the smaller the needle.


Generally there are 22, 24, 26 and 28 needles. Under normal circumstances, embroidery of 14COUNT or smaller size uses 22-gauge needles, embroidery of 16-18COUNT uses embroidery needles of 24 or 26, and 28-gauge needles are suitable for embroidery of 18COUNT or more. The embroidery needle should be large enough to move a piece of fiber on the embroidery cloth slightly, so as to prevent the embroidery thread from knotting or rubbing too much during the process to hurt the embroidery thread.


Cross stitch frame

Needle selection should also take into account the thickness of the embroidery thread and the number of strands used. There are some specially treated  embroidery needles with gold or platinum plating on the surface, which will be more expensive, but can be used for a long time. You can choose your favorite needle to use.



2. Embroidery thread color

Generally, the hand embroidery thread is not discolored. However, some people are very cautious when embroidering dark colors or works that they want to save for a long time, hoping to further ensure that the color of the thread will not stain the cloth or other embroidery threads.

The specific measures to prevent embroidery threads from discoloring are as follows:


*Remove the wire from the winding board.

*Separate each strand of the embroidery floss and place it in several glass containers containing cold water or distilled water at room temperature. Some people suggest adding white vinegar or salt, but for some types or colors of embroidery cotton, vinegar or salt may fluctuate, so it is recommended to use it with caution.

* Wash in distilled water. If the color of the water is not clear, change the water again and rinse again until the water is clear.

*Put the embroidery thread on a white paper towel to dry. The color of the thread should not be dyed on paper towels. If there is color on the paper towel, wash it again.

*Prepare the embroidery.


 Cross stitch frame

3. Embroidery hoop frame

A widely accepted view says that if you embroider on AIDA, you need to use Embroidery hoop frame; if you embroider on linen, you can't use it, you have to use your hands to support it. However, in reality, many people have their own selection. Some people who like to keep their embroidery neat and tidy do not like to use round hoop frame when embroidering linen, and choose a square embroidery frame to avoid damaging the embroidery or leaving indelible marks. If you already like to use Embroidery hoop frame, just use it; if you feel that you can grasp the tightness of the embroidery thread with your hands, then you don't have to force yourself to change.



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