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What tools and materials do beginners need when learning to make clothes?

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Newbies who love to make their own clothes must prepare some tools and materials. However, it is not recommended that beginners buy too many tools and materials, but add while learning.


To make a piece of clothing, the most basic tools and materials need to be prepared are: fabric, clothing buttons or zippers, sewing thread, hemming tap, sewing needle or sewing machine, stitch rippers, quilting ruler.


clothing buttons


1. Fabrics. 

Beginners can take old bed sheets and old clothes to practice, or they can buy some cheap fabric. It is best to buy cotton, hemp, and chemical fiber cloths that are not thick or thin, and not stretchy. Don't buy chiffon or knitted fabrics that are even difficult to handle by masters.


2. Clothing Buttons

Buttons can be bought for reserve, whether it is used to make new clothes or change the buttons of old clothes. Small buttons, large buttons, white buttons, black buttons, mushroom buttons, etc, are OK. For the zipper, you can buy a 7-inch pants zipper and a 10-inch invisible zipper. You can buy several zippers with the commonly used colors, black, white, gray, blue, green, etc., or matching the color of the fabric you buy.

3. Sewing Threads

There are many kinds of sewing threads in the market. Too many of them are not produced by regular factories. It is possible to be used for handcrafts, but it can not be used on sewing machines. It is recommended to buy large-axis sewing threads from regular factories. Don’t buy small rolls of hand stitches, it is useless.

4. Hemming Taps

Normally, you can buy hemming taps. The online shops have hemming taps of good quality and inexpensive prices.

clothing buttons

5. Scissors

Beginners can temporarily use household scissors to cut paper patterns or fabrics. If you plan to make more than three or five pieces of clothing, it is recommended to buy a tailor scissor. Because it is sharp, it will not cut the fabric, and the tailor's shears are flat on one side, so it will not move when placed on the desktop.



6. Ruler

There are two kinds of rulers necessary for making clothes. One is tailor tape, which is used to measure body data. The other is for cutting, called a quilting ruler. Beginners can temporarily use the student ruler or buy a quilting ruler. Th scale should be centimeters, inches are fine.



7. Sewing Machine 

If you already have a sewing machine, it is the best. If there is no sewing machine, it is recommended that you should not to buy it in a hurry. First, you don’t know which one is worth buying, and second, you are not sure which one is right for you. It is okay to make clothes by hand. Look at other people's works, see what type of sewing machines other people use, listen to what other people say, and then make a decision.

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