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Why is the Sewing Basket a New Favorite of E-Commerce?

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Different from the big category of luggage, the market capacity of the sewing basket has been continuously extended in recent years. The wicker sewing basket has developed from a narrow and fixed offline supply and marketing circle to the new favorite of e-commerce. What changes have occurred in the direction of products and markets?

Sewing Baskets Vary in Consumption Needs in Different Countries

Based on years of foreign trade experience, industry experts Lin pointed out that modern sewing baskets are more popular in Europe and the United States. Different countries and regions prefer different sewing baskets colors and styles, and some national taboos need to be properly avoided.


For example, the woven sewing baskets that consumers in the UK prefer retro and traditional, and they are not pursuing styles and colors. The French consumers prefer styles and exaggerated sewing baskets. It is important to note that chrysanthemums, roses and some other patterns are taboo for Germans, these flowers are considered a sign of bad luck.

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According to the different needs and precautions of different countries, the follow-up process of the factory and the buyer can use the basic product as a model, and then adjust the color, product shape and sewing for the specific target audience.


Marketing Innovation Accumulates Market Capacity 

In the opinion of industry experts, branding is the intangible asset that the manufacturer truly possesses. The manufacturer should also rely on the high quality product quality, product innovation and service to use the intangible asset of the brand to accumulate the new market capacity of the product.


For the sewing basket industry, the key to product design innovation lies in the breakthrough of fabric and printing technology. “The printing technology involved in the same pattern and different colors may be different. Active printing, lithography, decal printing, digital printing, etc. The cost of printing design is similar, which requires manufacturers to pay more attention to product quality and cost control. Strictly control the cotton content and yarn content of the fabric, avoid streamlining the process, and timely follow the product life cycle. The change.


When it comes to the core of high sales volume and repurchase rate, industry experts say that in addition to the above-mentioned basic quality control, manufacturers also need to change their eagerness to achieve success. Regardless of the price of the product, the details and craftsmanship of the product cannot be ignored. .

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In addition, sales and repurchase rates do not all need to be explored, and sometimes small buyers can be trained and supported on their own. Bundled marketing of products is also an important means to increase product sales. For example, we can provide our sewing kits or toolboxes with the necessary tools such as scissors, hand needles, tailor tape, thread and rulers for combined marketing; we can also optimize the appearance and packaging of some high-end consumers. Marketing methods are diverse, and the key is how you use them in a targeted manner.


The e-commerce trend of the sewing basket is booming. Will you seize this development opportunity? We are the manufacturer of professional sewing baskets and accessories in China. If you need sewing basket, sewing kit, hand needles, tailor Scissor, scissors, tailor tape, etc. Welcome to contact us.

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