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Delivery date-Sewing
Commitment is our Responsibility, our culture and our life.
As a leading company in China's needle and thread industry, we have worked with thousands of customers of different sizes, different types and different products. All Among which customers, without exception, have attached great importance to the lead time.
It is true that for a complex OEM order, there are many uncontrollable factors, and there will always be so many problems causing delay. However, just because we can face these problems intuitively, and conquer these difficulties to ensure the delivery of customers, we have been developing in this business for 30 years, and become better and better.
How can we ensure the lead time​ ?

Organizational measures

Implement the specific tasks and responsibilities of progress control personnel at all levels. The Ministry of Production has set up an organization system of progress control headed by the person in charge of production to coordinate the preparation of labor, materials and institutions so as to ensure that there are no idle workers and wave workers in the production process; and to strengthen the education of all kinds of managers in the Ministry of Production so as to enable them to perform their duties on duty so as to facilitate the effective development of all kinds of work.
Strengthen the production guidance institutions, in raw material procurement, warehouse management, quality management, production logistics, all subject to production needs. Anyone must obey the assignment, obey the command and complete the work plan. Carry out follow-up research and analysis, firmly grasp the initiative of production, and timely investigate the causes and make measures to remedy those who have not completed the production plan.
Strengthen planning management and establish team meetings and regular production meetings. Implement the total delivery date, check the implementation of the production progress node of each product against the plan, adjust in time, and control dynamically to ensure the total delivery date of the plan.

Technical Measures

According to the control of delivery time, work plan is made weekly. According to the plan, in the process of production and installation, manpower, material and technology dispatch should be strengthened to ensure the supply of materials, and the implementation of the plan should be checked daily and adjusted in time.
The selection of labour force shall be strictly carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the unit, and skilled technical workers within the unit shall be mobilized to participate in the war. Emphasis shall be laid on improving the technical quality of the operators, strengthening pre-job training, and ensuring the hard operation of basic skills so as to improve the working power.
Strengthen the procurement management of raw materials, multi-point contact, select and optimize purchase; enrich the supply of turnover materials, timely access to materials. Strict inspection after entering the venue, stack neatly according to category after passing, avoid delaying delivery due to the lack of timely material supply or quality problems.
Inspection and maintenance before entering the field should be purchased from time to time. Maintenance and maintenance should be strengthened constantly in use to ensure the integrity of the machine, thereby ensuring and improving the utilization rate of the machine, so as to avoid the failure or shortage of the machine and equipment affecting the production progress.
Strengthen technical management, check the drawings before each process, and make detailed technical submissions. In the process of production and installation, three inspection systems are carried out, and the quality of each process is checked and checked. The quality problems are found and corrected in time to avoid affecting the process.
Strengthen quality management, strictly carry out quality control according to quality assurance measures, ensure proper operation, follow-up inspection, ensure the quality of each process, and eliminate delay due to product quality caused by rework and shutdown.

Personnel Management Measures

In the process of production, the contract responsibility system should be promoted in an all-round way, production indicators should be implemented at various levels, competition among teams should be carried out, awards for progress plan completion and quality trustworthy awards should be set up, rewards and punishments should be formulated, rewards and punishments should be clearly defined, pot rice should be eliminated, rewards should be advanced, enthusiasm should be fully mobilized, and quality progress should be improved. Those who fail to complete the plan and cause economic losses should be investigated for their responsibility.

Economic Measures

In order to ensure delivery on time, we must have capital guarantee. Our company has prepared a certain amount of funds for this project and implemented a special fund system to ensure that our company can purchase raw materials in a timely manner, without affecting production progress, so as to ensure that production progress is not affected by funds.

Information Management Measures

In the process of production and installation, we constantly collect relevant information about actual progress for statistics, compare with the planned progress, and regularly provide comparative reports to the owners. Under its control, it compiles weekly work plan, completes progress records, fills in progress statistics, coordinates all aspects of relations, takes timely, flexible, accurate and decisive measures, eliminates contradictions, strengthens weak links, achieves dynamic balance, and ensures the completion of delivery target.
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