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As a 30-year history company which looks for further development, building a responsible and ethical manufacturing system is always one of the major concern of our development.
As well as bringing more profit to our customer, We believe that taking social responsibility is also one of the element that makes our products more competitive.

What we want to offer to our customers?

Show our commitment to ethical sourcing
 Ensure fair working conditions in our factory
 Strengthen our brand’s CSR credentials
 Comply with statutory requirements (e.g. modern slavery legislation)
 Establish long-term productive relations with our buyers
Thus, We will apply for the amfori BSCI every year, which is a fundamental protocols for social audits chosen by companies worldwide. It includes 11 fundamental principles, is based on the labor standards of the International Labour Organization, UN Charter of Human Rights and other key international and national regulations in the human rights sphere.

What aspects do we concern? 

Working hours and fair compensation
 Occupational health and safety
 Child labor and protections for younger workers
 Forced/bonded labor and precarious employment
 Freedom of association and collective bargaining
 Ethical business behavior
 Discrimination
 Environmental protection
Besides of the BSCI Audit, We have passed the Walmart factory Audit and the Disney
factory Audit as well.
Walmart Certificate Sewing

Walmart Certificate
BSCI Certificate Sewing

BSCI 2019
Disney Authorization Sewing

Disney Authorization
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