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 1. Since 2016,we have been cooperating with our local school, the Zhejiang Technology University, and formed our independent research and development department (R&D). The whole team consisted of 13 experienced designer contributes to our product improvement a lot.
 2. Zhejiang University of Technology is a comprehensive key university in Zhejiang Province. It was founded in 1953. Its predecessor can be traced back to the Zhejiang Secondary Industrial School founded in 1910. It has gone through the development stages of Hangzhou Chemical Engineering School, Zhejiang Chemical Engineering College, Zhejiang Institute of Technology and Zhejiang University of Technology. Address, number and calendar.
 3.  Product research and development in five aspects:


Every semester, after collecting and considering the trend elements of  Famous fashion show and the luxury brand new-release products,  Our R&D team comes up with our new fabric pattern design for our fabric sewing basket and fabric sewing kit.


 We will proactively collecting the customer feedback, especially the negative ones,  and analyze what customers don't like. Accordingly, make functional and structural improvements to existing products,  and constantly improve using experience.


According to our market study, the multi-function items are more and more popular among the youth. By combining multiple handicraft tools together, we could provide our buyers more competitive Products, Which bring the users more fun of needlework by offering more functions and costing less money. 

New concept Products

In addition to simple shape or function upgrades, we also develop new concepts products from time to time, which can be more efficient or more interesting to use to complete the previous complex needlework. After all, Creativity is the key element of handicraft.


Besides our new idea in product, our R&D team also design some product packages according to popular elements or customer requirements.  The new package distinguish our products from the ordinary ones in the market, which brings more profit to our buyers.
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