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Common hand sewing tools (27 kinds)

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My sewing machine notes (by Ye Cihui) is a comprehensive introduction to sewing tools, with clear classification. It is very helpful for people to get to know sewing tools for the first time, and also makes it easier for people who want to learn how to sew by themselves. Let's get to know something about it below.



1. Cutting Tools

(1) Scissor

Scissor is suitable for cutting different sizes of cloth. It is very sharp and can quickly and easily cut the required cloth. Prepare a pair of cloth scissors, which are generally only used to cut cloth. Another pair of small scissors is prepared to cut other things, so as not to blunt the cloth scissors.


(2) Thread Scissor

It is small and convenient, suitable for thread cutting, and also suitable for cutting other details.


(3) Internal Forceps

It is used to turn the bag or rope upside down. It bites the cloth without damaging the cloth, and the curved and smooth knife edge is easy to push out the angle of the bag. This tool has to be said to be really convenient. If draw from the back, then the big bag is fine, and the small bag is more difficult.


Sewing tools

4) Stitch Rippers

Protect the end point processing, not afraid to damage the cloth. It is very convenient to remove the thread and open the buttonhole.


(5) Awl

It can be used as a hole drilling tool. When making bags, it is convenient to pick up the corners of four sides.


(6) General Scissors

Due to general scissors design, it is easy to cut leather, plywood or thick paperboard.


(7) Rotary Cutters

It is suitable for large area cutting of cloth, cotton, paper and various soft materials.



2. Tools for Drawing Dimension Marks

(1) Square Ruler

It is used for making large drawing or cutting, and is convenient for drawing right angle.


(2) Quilting Ruler

According to the above scale, the required seam allowance can be quickly folded and ironed out.


(3) Seam Allowance Ruler

The required cloth allowances, such as 0.5cm, 0.7cm or 1cm, are clearly marked on all sides, and they can be clearly drawn or cut on the deep and light cloth.


(4) Silt Pen

The mark of silt pen can be removed gently with a flick.


(5) Oily Pencil (White)

The lubricated pen refill is suitable for drawing on coarse cloth, but it is not easy to remove, so it can only be painted on the back of cloth.


(6) Water Soluble Pencil

It is suitable for fine cotton cloth or light colored cloth.


(7) Water Erasing Pen

Marks will be eliminated with time or water, suitable for short-term usage.


(8) Roller Tailor Chalk

The inside of it is filled with powder, which can be easily marked or removed.


(9) Seam Allowance Circle

It is easy to draw the required seam allowance. There are four sizes, 0.3cm, 0.5cm, 0.7cm and 1cm. There are often two kinds of bag items, 0.7cm and 1cm.


(10) Radian Shaping Plate

It is used for three-dimensional cutting and sleeve type making. Each corner has different curves. When making bags, it is easy to draw all kinds of curves wanted.


Sewing tools


3. Fixed Tools

(1) Beading Needles

It is convenient to fix multi layer fabric.


(2) Pin and Strong Clip

The pin can replace the basting. The strong clip is suitable for thick cloth or bag combination.


(3) Double Sided Adhesive Tape

It is used to fix zipper or handle, etc.



4. Other Work Items

(1) Paperweight

It is used for drawing or cutting cloth, so that the position of cloth can be fixed to avoid sliding.


(2) Finger Cot

It is convenient for thimble and finger protection.


(3) Iron

It is for ironing the cloth or sticking the cloth lining and double rubber cotton on the back of the cloth with the heat of the iron.


(4) Hand Sewing Needle

All kinds of sewing needles for patchwork


(5) Tape Measure

Measuring tool for stereo cutting


(6) Edge Roller

It is convenient and fast to make the rolled selvedge.


(7) Bone Pen

It is easy to push and press the seam allowance guide.


Generally, we know several basic sewing tools, but in fact, there are many practical and convenient tools. Because they are not familiar with, they are thought of useless. Now they are rediscovered again, and some tools can really make sewing easier.

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