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Do You Know The Origin Of The Back Button Bra?

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In women's daily life, bras can slip and displace due to large swings or twists. Even if this happens, there is no big problem with the back button bra. Professionals in the underwear industry have tested and found that back-button bras are relatively safer. Let's look at the origin of the back button bra today.



The origin of the back button bra

In a classic scene in the film "The Woman in a Troublesome Time", Scarlet asks a black maid to tie the straps behind her corset "tighter, tighter". As the predecessor of modern bras, we see that the bodice has a lace-up design behind it. At the time, this design made it convenient for servants to dress for aristocratic women. In addition, aristocratic women also use this to shape the curve. The design of the straps on the back can better hide the fat on the belly, ensuring the functionality of the corset.


From the origin of modern bras, it is an alternative to corsets. The back button design of bras may be a continuation of wearing habits. The first person to make bras Mary Phelps Jacob invented the modern bra because her corset was not suitable for her party evening dress, so there is a close relationship between the modern bra and the corset . In the long years before 1913, Western noble women wore corsets for centuries, and the design behind the modern bra straps was somewhat influenced by corsets.

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Modern women are pursuing a high-quality healthy life, and the choice of bras is more focused on their functionality. Therefore, many traditional bras are now designed with steel rings and undercuts, which guarantees a good support and protection for the chest. The front buckle bra has to abandon the undercuts design because of the convenience when wearing it, so it is difficult to achieve good support. Although the front buckle bras of some small cups are very effective, but because they are only supported by steel rings, the bras can easily slide up.




Features of back button bra

The buckle design of traditional bras usually has 3 rows of 6 buckles and 3 rows of 9 buckles, and some are 3 rows of 3 buckles, with a certain distance between each row. Due to the difference in breast shape and size between different women, some bra style cups are suitable but the circumference is not suitable. This design allows the bra to have a certain degree of adjustability to meet the best wearing requirements of customers.


There are a lot of women who like front button bras, and there are some brands on the market. On the one hand, the front buckle design is really convenient; on the other hand, the front buckle bra has a certain gathering effect. In short, the back buckle bra is the mainstream of traditional bras, but it cannot completely negate the meaning of the front buckle bra .With the advancement of materials and technology, perhaps the front buckle bra also has an amazing day, becoming another significant milestone in the history of underwear development.

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