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How To Embroider Cross Stitch For Beginners

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Cross-stitching is a method of embroidering with special embroidery threads and cross-checked cloth, using the method of cross-weaving with warp and weft, and embroidering against special coordinate patterns. Anyone can embroider the same effect on it.

Cross-stitch is a manual skill with a long history. In the 14th century, cross stitch spread from China to Italy via Turkey, and then spread in Europe. It was first popular in the court and later spread to the people. Because it is easy to learn and understand, it quickly became widespread and was loved by people of different ages.

How to choose a suitable size of cross stitch for beginners?

Newly embroidered friends must have been very entangled at the beginning. If you want to show a large picture of the Qingming Shanghe and Bajun pictures, you will not only fail to embroider them but you will lose them halfway. For green hands, the earliest choice to embroider is the top priority!

Beginners should not blindly follow when buying cross-stitch. Large-scale cross-stitch requires time and effort. If you do not have enough time and energy, do not buy large-stitch embroidery, and the needlework and skills required for large cross-stitch is much larger than the small size. When you are a fresh hand, it is recommended to embroider a pillow, key chain, pendant and the like.

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Some suggestions for beginners to embroider cross stitch

Cross-stitch is a beautiful art and it is easy to learn. However, from a beginner cross-stitch to a skilled man, you need to constant practise. Now give fresh-hands some suggestions at the initial phase.

Step 1 Familiar with essential tools

Beginners of embroidery cross-stitch must use the matching tools, edge trimmer, needle threader, embroidery stretch, embroidery frame, etc. Green hands must learn to use these essential tools. Maybe you won’t need the assistance of these tools in the late stage, but you must make good use of these tools in the early stage, which will make you embroider cross stitch very fast.

Step 2 The pulling strength of embroidery thread

When embroidering starts, the strength of pulling the embroidery thread back and forth must be even. If the force is not uniform, which will cause the entire cross stitch to look particularly uneven and easy to fluff. It means that the whole cross-stitch will be ruined.

Step 3 Start from the cross stitch frame

When embroidering a cross-stitch, starting from the cross stitch frame . Then fill the other color embroidery threads. And finish embroidering one color thread as much as possible then change another one. Do not embroider this one and that one which wastes embroidery. Otherwise the effect will not look good!

Step 4 Persistence

The most important thing is persistence. In fact, everyone will find that embroidering cross stitch is really the most difficult thing. When you can’t do it, think about the sense of accomplishment after finishing the embroidering. In fact, many times you think you can’t do it. At that time you were caught in self-denial. You have to tell yourself that you can do it. Cross-stitch looks simple. In fact, it is really time-consuming and energy-consuming.

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Step 5 Cross stitch mounting

After embroidering, cross-stitch mounting is also a top priority. As the saying goes, people rely on clothing, and cross-stitching depends on mounting. The cross-stitch is the best price when it is mounted. After the cross-stitch embroidery is cleaned, please mounted it as soon as possible.


In fact, the most feared thing for new starter is perseverance. If you persevere, the sense of accomplishment you can get is nothing can give. After you embroider the small one, you will want to embroider the big one.

Hope the above information can help you start to try the cross stitching. If you wanna buy the assistant materials such as measuring tape, tailor scissors, punch needle, cross stitch frame, Embroidery board etc and other embroidery accessories, garment accessories, please contact Zhejiang Dongzheng. freely.

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