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What Size Buttons Should Be Used For Different Clothes?

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Generally speaking, accessories such as buttons are provided by garment factories. It's just that sometimes the custom shop will purchase the buttons by itself due to the demand for higher-end buttons, or for other reasons. So, what size buttons should be used for different clothes? How should we match craft children buttons, fashion snap fasteners, hook and loop fasteners, or sew-on buttons and sew-on snap fasteners, safety pins with clothes? Today we will talk about this topic.



Common size of buttons

25-28 mm: Buttons of this size are generally used for large items such as coats and trench coats.

23 mm: It is used for coat fronts or casual suits.

20 mm: Commonly used on the front of suits.

18 mm: 18mm buttons are commonly used for coat cuffs and casual suit cuffs.

15 mm: Suit cuffs are commonly used.

10-12 mm: shirts are commonly used.

The conventional button size specifications for coats, suits, shirts and other types of clothing. Generally speaking, the more the outer clothing is, the larger the button diameter is required, and the more the clothing is worn, the smaller the button diameter is.


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The proportion of buttons on the same piece of clothing

Judging from the proportion of matching use, when the button diameter of the front of the coat is 23-28mm, the diameter of the small button matching the cuff is 18-20mm. When the front button diameter of the casual suit is 23mm, the diameter of the small button matching the cuff is 18mm. When the front button diameter of the formal suit is 20mm, the button diameter of the matching cuff is 15mm.


Because coats are more casual than suits, and casual suits are more casual than formal suits, it can be speculated that the more casual the clothing, the more exaggerated the buttons can be. The more formal the clothing, the more restrained the buttons are in terms of size and pattern.



Choose the thickness of the button according to the actual situation

The thickness of the buttons will be different due to different materials and processes. There is basically no uniform standard. The thickness of the button of the shirt is generally 2-3mm, of course, some will be thicker.


Buttons also need to consider special differences due to body type and gender. For example, a suit with a height of 1.9 meters and a figure of a fat man, if the buttons are the same as the conventional size, the overall feeling will be relatively stingy, and you need to consider a larger size. The button used by a woman's suit with a height of 1.5 meters may be more suitable for 18mm than 20mm.


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Buttons are only a small part of clothing accessories, but it is a good decoration tool. You can also use some sewing tools, such as embroidery thread, embroidery needles, tailor tape, stitch rippers, rotary cutters, tailor scissor, head pin to DIY your own clothing.

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